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Ambrose Archives

The Ambrose Archives houses a carefully-preserved collection of records pertinent to the history of Ambrose University College, The Christian and Missionary Alliance, The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, the Church of the Nazarene Canada, and Canadian evangelicalism. These records are both institutional and personal: they document the lives and thoughts of those who have been instrumental in shaping Ambrose and its two supporting denominations. 

Our holdings consist of a variety of documents, such as newspaper clippings, personal correspondence, minutes, diaries, and manuscripts; and  many different media, including photographs, slides, video and audio recordings, and artifacts. We protect these valuable historical resources using archival-quality acid-free enclosures, and we house them in a room designed to minimize exposure to light, moisture, dust, and other potentially damaging factors.

The Archives’ mission is to collect, organize, describe, and preserve these records and to make them available for research. For more information about the Archives and its collections, please select an option from the menu on the left.