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Ambrose & Copyright

Ambrose relies on the Canadian Copyright Act (and especially its fair dealing provisions) to govern decisions with respect to copyright. The Ambrose Library continues to monitor developments in Canadian copyright legislation and will update the Ambrose Library’s copyright pages to incorporate any changes.

The best way to understand the implications of Canadian copyright law for teaching and learning at Ambrose is to review Ambrose’s Fair Copying Guidelines. These guidelines are for the education of the Ambrose community and should not be construed as legal advice.

We will update these pages as new developments occur. Any copyright-related questions or concerns should be directed to Sandy Ayer, Ambrose’s copyright officer.

Adapted by Sandy Ayer, Director of Library Services, from the web page created by Simon Lloyd of UPEI’s Robertson Library (used with permission).

22 September 2017


Library Information

New Catalogue Search!

We have successfully completed our migration to a new Library System!
Some functions of the catalogue (as well as login and accounts) will look a little different, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

New Account Logins

To access your account, click on the "My Library Account" button. This will direct you to the new catalog search, where you can access your account by clicking "My Account", then "Log In" in the top right corner. 

For Ambrose Students, Faculty and Staff - use your Ambrose credentials (full email and password) to log in to your account. 

For Community Members, you'll be asked to provide your email address. You will then recieve a link via email, which will allow you access to your account for one hour. 

Do not attempt to access your old system account (through old links or bookmarks) - logging in will not work and that information is no longer supported or connected to our new system! 

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