Lions Lose to Broncos in Final Home Game of the Season

Lions Lose to Broncos in Final Home Game of the Season

In the final game of the regular season for the Women's Ambrose Lions Basketball team, the Lions faced top ranked Olds College.  Unfortunately for the Lions, a slow start eliminated any chance of an upset as after the first quarter the trailed by 21. 

A large crowd came out to support the Lions in their last game.  While no one on the roster was is graduating this year, the Lions took a moment to thank graduating assistant coach and former player, Daniella Matich.

The Lions struggled early on, turning the ball over a lot, which lead to many fast breaks and easy baskets for the Thibeaux sisters and Michaela Allen-Gullion.

Overall it was a very clean game with only 5 fouls were called on Olds, and 7 fouls were called on Ambrose all game.  Both teams were forced to make shots from the field instead of living from the free throw line.  Ambrose played again with a short bench (only 7 players) so they needed to, from the opening tip off, stay out of foul trouble or risk playing with an even shorter bench.

While the Lions 3 point shots weren't falling early, Avery Deighton and Tegan McArthur started heating up in the 2nd half, getting the Lions score up to a respectable number.

Player of the game awards were presented to Nya Gach and Michaela Allen-Gullion.