Making Professional Development Work for Classroom Teachers

Teacher using Math Manipulatives in an Elementary Classroom

Teacher professional learning is an ongoing process. For many classroom teachers, this process is driven by your school’s expectations. Learning in focused opportunities that are connected to student achievement is needed and valuable, but depending on your own curriculum interests or gaps, it may not always meet your needs.

Why take extended learning?

Even if you aren’t planning to pursue graduate work, you may want to take a university course to deepen your understanding in a particular area. Research suggests that professional development is most successful when teachers are provided with autonomy and choice in their professional learning activities, and allowed opportunity to build understandings about curriculum and learning through shared experience (Alberta Teachers’ Association, 2014, p. 11). 

Our courses are designed to benefit you

To that end, we have designed courses in key areas of curriculum that will focus on building shared understanding through both a theoretical and practical lens. Our courses are interactive and relational, providing opportunity for you to come together with other teachers and engage in rich dialogue. You’ll experience content from the inside-out in small classes, and be taught by professionals in the field who have graduate degrees.

Education Extended Learning Courses

Get paid to develop your math pedagogy

Alberta Education also recognizes the need for teachers to be able to engage in university coursework, particularly in the area of math pedagogy. This year they are providing a special bursary for classroom teachers and pre-service teachers. The bursary – $1,000 – not only covers the cost of the course – $800 – it leaves you with $200 to put toward your own classroom needs and further professional development.

Elementary Numeracy Evening Class

No matter which course you choose, your investment in learning is never wasted, and Ambrose is here to provide learning experiences that will further your professional development in curriculum and pedagogy. 

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Alberta Teachers’ Association. (2014). Exploring the Development of Teacher Efficacy Through Professional Learning Experiences.  Alberta:  Barnett House.