Mask Campaign Update

Mask Campaign Update

Thanks to the generous efforts of the Ambrose community, we gratefully announce that we have surpassed the goal for our students. 

The mask campaign began earlier this summer, asking our community to help us supply students with five masks each for the start of the school year. 

Thank you to each everyone who sewed a mask and helped us spread the word. 

As of September 23, we have received 3711 masks. We are still distributing masks to the students, who are very grateful for this gift. 

By Ambrose providing a safe and comfortable environment, students can come to school without the added worries of COVID-19. Knowing that our campus is safe and taking proper protocols will help students be able to focus on their studies. Thank you for providing masks and helping students

Brenna Bazinet
Ambrose Student Council, Fifth year, Bachelor of Music

We are reminded of your support as we pass each other in the hall and see all the different masks. Thank you again for your contributions!