New BA – Psych degree makes its debut

New BA – Psych degree makes its debut

This high-quality, high-calibre program is a degree for our times, combining all the advantages of an Ambrose learning experience

Earning a Psychology degree equips grads to gain insights into and help others. Ambrose University’s new BA – Psychology, which launched formally in fall 2019, takes things a step further, enabling students to gain insights into themselves as well.

“This is a strong, strong degree,” explains Dr. Jim Cresswell, Associate Professor of Psychology and the driving force behind the program. “Critical self-reflexivity is a key focus. This means taking the theory students learn and using it as a tool to look back on themselves, to learn who they are in greater depth. Students will be preparing for a career in which they’ll help others, and they’ll also be vigorously honest about who they are, developing a deep understanding that will enable them to serve others while also taking responsibility for themselves while offering that help.”

The BA – Psychology is a rigorous program, meeting the best-practice guidelines of the Canadian and American Psychological Associations. It also exceeds what students would typically experience in an undergraduate program. “We’ve been told that what Psychology degree students will do at Ambrose is on par with honours programs at other institutions,” Cresswell notes. “We recognize the world is changing and there is a greater need for flexible and dynamically skilled people who know how to apply theory. This degree is a recipe for career success.”

The program centres on growing adaptable, creative, critical thinkers who can manage, interpret and communicate the large amounts of data that underpin decision-making in both the public and private sectors. There will be opportunities to engage in community-based research alongside faculty, working on projects that have a real impact on people and communities. And it will all be done at a university that encourages students to pause and reflect on how “loving thy neighbour” is lived.

BA – Psychology graduates will be ready to go into practice or to enrol in graduate study to become a registered psychologist or pursue a research career. “I have a high level of confidence in what this degree means and how it will equip graduates,” Cresswell says. “I’m excited by that.”

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