Ambrose University

Why Apply?

Valued at up to $42,000, the Presidential Scholarship funds a full Ambrose degree (up to eight consecutive semesters). Each year, the Presidential Scholarship Competition brings a group of Grade 12 students to our campus to take part in interviews, essay writing and Ambrose events. 

Sounds intense right? And, yes, it is. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of strong Christian character as well as academic and servant leadership potential. The students who make it to the finals demonstrate not only that they're already engaged in their communities, but also that they have a vision for how they want to serve in the future.

At the same time, they are ordinary people, just like you. More importantly, they think you should definitely apply!

Katrina Estok, 2013 scholarship winner, music student  Ava Peacock, 2014 Scholarship Winner, History Program  Mo Hickman, 2015 Winner (Church Ministry)  Picture of Daniel Lee, 2016 Scholarship Winner, Behavioural Science Student   

"You can’t be chosen if you don’t apply," says Daniel Lee, the 2016 scholarship winner and a Behavioural Science major who is considering teaching as his future profession. "I did not expect to receive the scholarship, and there were certainly other well qualified applicants, but the decision wasn't up to me."

"Do it!" adds Mo Hickman, the 2015 winner, a Church Ministry major whose dream job is training teams to lead worship through music, dance, poetry and visual art. "Don't worry about how many other students are applying or how good your chances are. If you qualify, then you should apply! But don't wait until the last minute—give yourself time to submit a quality application." 

If you're wondering about the specifics of what to cover in your application, Ava Peacock, a History major who won in 2014 and wants to teach high school, has this insight: "Be confident in your abilities and your accomplishments but be humble. Consider how your faith has played a role in your life and in your achievements. The panel will look for evidence of that aspect of your life in your presentation." 

Katrina Estok, a Music major who won the scholarship in its inaugural year (2013), wants you to know that the competition weekend is not as intimidating as it might sound. "I remember being worried that the scholarship weekend would be awkward and competitive," says Katrina, who plans to do graduate studies in music or law, "but my experience was exactly the opposite. Everyone was so welcoming and kind that I was immediately put at ease. The weekend was also an awesome opportunity to meet new people and get an idea of what Ambrose is like.”

So there you have it—you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by applying. We'd love to see you on campus for the competition weekend. 

Apply here. 

Application Deadline: January 31

Competition Dates: February 27-28