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Current Faculty Research

Ambrose University College is primarily a teaching university that focuses on giving students foundational education for graduate and professional programs, or preparation for ministry in a cultural context.  However, faculty are committed to broadening the body of knowledge and expertise in their fields of study. 

Ambrose Faculty

Ambrose Research Conference 

The Ambrose Research Conference (ARC) spotlights student research and scholarly activity, as well as that of faculty and alumni, through a series of conference papers, panels, and poster exhibits. 

Students from both the Faculty of Arts & Science and the School of Ministry are invited to present papers on the research and scholarly work that they’ve undertaken in senior courses (300 level or higher), especially capstone courses, independent research projects, and theses. The programming for each ARC is loosely based around a theme to generate a lively campus-wide, multi-disciplinary discussion on questions that are emerging in our society. 

It’s a chance for all members of the Ambrose community to learn from one another, to engage across disciplines, and to get a glimpse into each other’s scholarly worlds. 

Although Ambrose’s primary focus is on teaching rather than research, it’s actually that passion for teaching that makes ARC possible. Thanks to our small classes and programs, faculty can connect with students, mentor them in academic writing, and prepare them for the kinds of research, analysis, and communication that they’ll use in graduate studies or their careers. In some cases, faculty and students even partner together on research projects, a rare thing for undergraduate university education.

The conference also gives alumni the opportunity present their research. This lets Ambrose continue to support its former students while inspiring current students.

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