Jennifer Singh, PhD, MDiv, BA

Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies
+1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6922
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PhD (ABD)     (Oxford Centre for Mission Studies)
MDiv               (Regent College)
BA                  (Trinity Western University)


My teaching and research interests derive from over fifteen-years of involvement in international development work that has taken me to Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, Central Asia, and the Caribbean.  Specifically, I am interested in how the voices of marginalized and vulnerable populations are represented and incorporated into effective strategies to fight against social injustices.  Critical to this, is the capacity of communities of faith to hear these voices and to be mobilized into preventative and responsive strategies that honour and work alongside the voiceless.  My current research explores to what extent the voices of women affected by prostitution and selected evangelical church leaders in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia can contribute toward a theological response to prostitution within their context.  Relief and development work, particularly from a faith-based perspective, has taught me the importance of theologically reflecting on one’s practice in order to prevent the further exploitation of vulnerable people.  I have learned that faith seeking to understand and respond to the complexities of our world can happen in the red-light districts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the temporary dwellings in Cite Soleil, Haiti, under an acacia tree in a church compound in rural Uganda, and in a classroom at Ambrose University where the intersection of praxis and theology can be interrogated and contextually appropriate ways of being the Church can be reimagined.

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