Mark Buchanan, MA, MCA, BFA, BA

Mark Buchanan Associate Professor Pastoral Theology
Chair, Continuing Education and Pastoral Formation
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology
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My name is Mark. I am a writer and a professor. I am a fisherman and a scuba diver. I love dark rich coffee and low-rider motorcycles. I am a teacher, a father, an author, a husband, a neighbour, a friend. I am a worshipper in spirit and in truth, a man after God’s own heart, and the chief of sinners. I write because I can’t help it. It’s something viral. The need to write woke up in me when I was 12, and grew into something fierce and wild and holy. All my books have come from this. They are things birthed as much as created. I became a pastor because God has a sense of humour. I never intended it. But he saw something in me neither I nor anyone else saw, and drew me down a path that has been the hardest and best of all. I want to die like Jacob, leaning on my staff, worshiping God with all my heart, and blessing the generations that come after me. I would like as my epitaph, “He served God in his generation.” Especially, I’d like it to be true. Shalom.

Scholarly & Professional Activity

I write a regular column for Leadership Journal and Seven Magazine.

I contribute to Leadership Journal, Christianity Today (I am a Contributing Editor), ChristianWeek, Focus on the Family magazine, In Touch magazine, Faith Today, Books & Culture, Conversations, Crux, and other periodicals.