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Ted Pike, PhD

  • ted-pike
Lab Manager
Sessional Faculty – Biology
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+1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6930
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Born in Calgary, I promptly convinced my parents to move to Edmonton where I grew up.  At the age of 12, my parents reneged on our agreement, and moved me back to Calgary where I finished high school.  Returning to Edmonton I finished a bachelors degree in Entomology (honours), masters degree on Pleistocene Biogeography, and certification in teaching.  I also met the two best things in my life: Jesus and my wife Betty.  All three of us have been together ever since.

I taught high school science most of my life, but a Ph. D. from the U. of C. intervened for a short time.  I have taught as a lab T. A. at both the U. of Calgary and the U. of Alberta as well.

My passion in science is anything to do with insects, but I work in the areas of biodiversity, ecology, life history, and evolution as well as biogeography.


Documenting the distribution, presence and absence of insect species in Alberta; investigation of potential hybrid zones in Alberta.


Past Chair of the Entomological Society of Canada Endangered Species committee, leading a workshop on environmental education in Uganda with the Jane Goodall Institute.


University of Calgary - Ph.D. Paelaeobiogy, 1996