Associate in Ministry


Ambrose University Undergraduate Viewbook
As an Associate in Ministry student, you’ll develop your ministry gifts so that you can serve in volunteer and para‐professional roles in churches and Christian service organizations. You’ll increase your knowledge of the Bible and Christian thought, and you’ll grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. All this learning and growth will give you a strong foundation for a variety of ministry and service roles.

At Ambrose, you’ll be guided by knowledgeable and caring faculty. You’ll also have a strong community of fellow students to support you and be your companions along the way.

Your Future

This is your career

With an Associate in Ministry diploma, you’ll be equipped for volunteer and para‐professional roles in churches and Christian service organizations.

This is where you can go

  • Assisting in Pastoral Ministries
  • Street Ministries
  • Overseas Ministries and Organizations
  • Camp Administration and Leadership
  • Para‐Church Organizations


employed in the ministry upon graduation

Beyond the Classroom

Practicum is an integral part of the Associate in Ministry Diploma program, and as such you’ll complete 5 ‐ 6 hours of practicum per week in a church or organization. You’ll be paired with a mentor and gain hands‐on experience in ministry. Opportunities to reflect on your work in the field will help you to apply and deepen your classroom learning and challenge you to improve your ministry practice. Please note, you will need to produce the results of a Criminal Record Check before you will be permitted to participate in practicum or internship experiences associated with the program.

Staff and Faculty

Name Position Location Email Phone
Colin_T Colin Toffelmire, PhD Chair, School of Ministry
Associate Professor of Old Testament
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