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Children & Family Ministry

Program Overview

Learn how to effectively minister to children and their families. Study child development and gain skills in discipling, teaching and administration.

At Ambrose you will expand your biblical literacy, reflect on theology, and undergo personal, spiritual and professional formation.

Program Streams

Complementary Minors

  • Behavioural Science
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Music
This is where you can go
  • Pastor of Children’s Ministries
  • Pastor of Family Ministries
  • Church Staff Member
  • Developer of Children’s Programming
This is your career
With a Bachelor of Theology degree, you’ll be equipped to serve as a committed, competent ministry professional in an ever‐changing culture. You’ll also be on the right track to pursue seminary studies

Beyond the Classroom

In your second year, you’ll start a practicum of 5 ‐ 6 hours per week. Then, before the final year of your program, you’ll do a 3 ‐ 12 month full‐time internship. In your final year, you’ll have a chance to reflect on what you learned during your time in the field. Through hands‐on experience in a church or organization, you’ll be mentored and gain insight into the world of professional ministry. As you reflect on your work in the field, you’ll deepen your classroom learning and improve your ministry practice. Please note, you will need to produce the results of a Criminal Record Check before you will be permitted to participate in practicum or internship experiences associated with the program.