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Ambrose University Undergraduate Viewbook
By studying English at Ambrose, you’ll not only become familiar with major authors, eras, movements, and literary theories, you’ll also learn to think and write with clarity and confidence. In our liberal arts setting, you’ll complement your literary studies with courses in history, philosophy, psychology, and more. You’ll develop your critical and analytical skills and build confidence in your own ideas as you discuss literary works and theories in small, seminar-style classes. Learn from experienced teachers and researchers and connect with them and your classmates as you grow personally and academically.

So here's the deal:

Take five courses per semester for four years, and you'll complete your English Literature degree
[courses are worth 3 credits and 3 x 5 x 2 x 4 = 120 credits].

A three-year [90 credit] version of this degree is also available.

Your Future

This is your career

Where can a BA in English Literature take you? Anywhere. You acquire career skills for fields like editing, technical writing, journalism and public relations.

This is where you can go

Here's a sampling of the jobs our alumni have landed with this degree or entered through further studies:

  • Copywriter
  • Technical writer
  • Editor
  • Novelist
  • Lawyer
  • Professor


of grads have degree-related occupations

Beyond the Classroom

Travel to England, Wales, and Scotland on our Literary Landscapes tour. From London to Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain to the Lake District, you connect with literary figures such as Shakespeare, Wordsworth, and the Brontes.

Staff and Faculty


Rita Dirks, PhD, MA, BA

+1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 5900
Associate Professor of English Literature
Jonathan Goossen Associate Professor of English

Jonathan Goossen, PhD, MA, BA, BCM

+1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 5960
Associate Professor of English
Darren Dyck English Program

Darren Dyck, PhD, MA, BA (Honours), AA

+1 (403) 410-2000 ext. 6931
Assistant Professor of English