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Changes to the On-Campus Experience

To the Ambrose Community – In line with recent actions at the provincial level, as well as recommendations from the Ministry of Advanced Education, we are removing restrictions that have been in place on campus for nearly two years. However, we do not make these changes lightly. Three things were uppermost in our minds as we deliberated the way forward: 1) our continued commitment to the health and safety of the community; 2) the high level of vaccinations among students, faculty and staff; and 3) evidence from the past two years that our community is both responsible and considerate of those around them.

With this context in mind, the following changes will take effect on March 1:

  • The wearing of masks will move from mandatory to voluntary. However, we join with the Chief Medical Officer of Health for the Province in strongly recommending that everyone continue to wear masks when indoors. We also continue to recommend that everyone get all vaccine doses for which they are eligible. Doing so respects the variable health status of our community and signals a deep care for others.
  • In order to provide physical distancing for those who are hesitant to come to class without it, we will not return additional seats to the classrooms. However, we will put seating back into the library so that students have appropriate spaces for group work. In addition, chapel and on-campus events will be set up without physical distancing.
  • Although the Province will lift the work-from-home order, we will continue to allow employees to work from home with the approval of their supervisors. This policy will continue until the end of the winter term, at which point we will reevaluate the situation.

Recognizing the stress induced by this term’s frequent and multiple pivots, I want to remind faculty, staff and students to reach out, as needed, for the numerous mental health and wellness supports available to you. These include onsite counselling for students, in addition to the resources listed on the student website for wellness. Faculty and staff can find support through the Ambrose Employee and Family Assistance Program. And additional resources are available to everyone through these links: Access Mental Health Alberta, Calgary Distress Centre, Alberta Health Services, and Calgary COVID 19 Resources.

Essentially, we now have the ability to return to a more pre-pandemic campus experience. However, as we start welcoming everyone back to campus, we ask that you continue monitoring for symptoms and stay home if you are feeling unwell. Isolation remains mandatory for anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test result. (For the latest information on symptoms and testing, go to

In the excitement of seeing students return to in-person learning without restrictions, we still need to remember that a contagious virus is present and continue working to keep it under control. I would ask that we all be more aware of those around us, as everyone will be seeing their world a little differently this week. My hope is that this will be my last announcement of changes in our on-campus environment, and that our course will be steady for the rest of Winter Term.

Thursday, February 10, 2022
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