Reflections and Future Directions for Ambrose Business Grads

Reflections and Future Directions for Ambrose Business Grads

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Graduating with a university degree is no small task! Students deserve to celebrate a life-milestone, opening the doors to their future. As a program, Ambrose Business takes pride in their graduates and what they will be pursuing post-graduation. A few Ambrose Business grads and senior students shared about their overall experience and involvement at Ambrose, along with their post-graduate plans.



2019 Ambrose valedictorian, Alexandria Friesen, has used her time at Ambrose to put herself outside of her comfort zone and network at any chance she got. She believes that her affiliation with Ambrose University made her stand out during these events as “the one from Ambrose”; she didn’t get lost in the list of students from larger universities. In September 2019, Alex will be pursuing her Chartered Professional Accountant designation while working at MNP Calgary.



Ambrose Student Council president of the 2018/19 academic year, Nicholas Newnes, has made himself well-known around the Ambrose campus. He engaged in the school culture as a Student Ambassador throughout his university career; was vice president of student council prior to becoming president; was president of the student led Ambrose Business society; and worked part-time at the Ambrose reception desk. “Being on student council for the entirety of my post-secondary journey was a really beneficial way for me to be involved in making my university a better place while complimenting my academics there”, Nicholas explains. This only begins to list all of the opportunities Nick has harnessed through his time at Ambrose. Currently Nick is working at Kingsmith Homes as their marketing and advertising coordinator, a position he found through connections in the Ambrose Business Program. He is also working as a Clinical and Social Innovation consultant with Innovate Calgary, a participant of the Soul of the Next Economy Forum, hosted by Ambrose University.



Another Ambrose Business 2019 graduate, Graham Nelson, states that he “came to Ambrose looking for a bible college, and ended up staying for business school”. Throughout his time at Ambrose, Graham has made life-long connections including rooming with and working in the most beautiful part of our province, the rocky mountains, with a friend from the university and meeting his wife. Graham took some well-deserved time off after graduation to travel Europe and throughout the summer will be working with Suncor Energy. During one summer of Graham’s university career, he worked at Suncor as a summer student. Now he has accepted a position as part of their new grad program in which he will be rotating between multiple roles and departments in finance working towards his Chartered Professional Accountant designation.



Senior Business Student, Josh Daniel, also shared with us his reflections thus far in his Business degree and how leadership on the basketball court can be transferred to the business world.



Other recent Ambrose alumni have started or are continuing positions with organizations such as: Apple, Hays Recruiting, Deco Windshield Repair, and some are pursuing their own social innovation start-ups! The Ambrose Business Program is excited to keep in touch and follow each graduate through their journey of exploring their passions through business!

The 2019 Class of the Ambrose Business Program include:
(From left to right) Jose Pablo, Richard Friesen, Rodrigo Ponce, Christina Aguilar, Graham Nelson, Alexandria Friesen, Marlin Adhikary, Nicholas Newnes, Jose Ponce, Regan McCaffrey, Caden DenOudsten, Carter Bergen, Cheng Liu, and Shaynah Godlien.
(Not pictured) Kyle Jones and Marc-Andre Fournier.