Residence Application

Residence Application 

All full-time (9 credit hours per semester or more), first year students under the age of 21 are required to live in residence.

Exemptions include:

  • Students who are currently a resident of the greater Calgary area living with their parents/guardians.
  • Students who are married.
  • Transfer students with 30 or more credit hours from another accredited post-secondary institution.

To reserve a spot, all residence students must submit a completed Residence Application and a $400 deposit, even if they are required to live in Residence. Please submit applications by June 15th.  There will be a $50.00 late fee for those who do not register before September 1.

Click here for additional important residence information.

Personal Information

Home Address

Emergency Contact Information

Medical Information

Ambrose Student Information

*Graduate placement is dependent upon availability

Your Residence Experience:

To assist in room placements and to help our staff provide the best residence experience for all, please respond to the following questions.

For the following questions, please select the appropriate number between the two extremes:
Where 1 indicates only by invite and 10 indicates constant company.
Where 1 indicates going to bed fairly early and 10 indicates a night owl
Where 1 indicates a quiet area alone and 10 indicates study time around loud music and plenty of friends
Where 1 indicates spotless and 10 indicates messy

Suite Floor Plan Options and Information

Indicate your Suite Floor Plan Option (see link below for room details) in order of preference.

Click Here for Floor Plan Map

PLEASE NOTE: This is only your preference. You are NOT guaranteed the option you have chosen. Room assignments will be based on availability and the discretion of the Residence Director.

*Rates subject to change

*for graduate students only. (over 21, Seminary, Bachelor of Education)
*for graduate students only (over 21, Seminary, Bachelor of Education)
*for graduate students only (over 21, Seminary, Bachelor of Education)

Meal Plan

The meal plan is mandatory for all residence students. The meal plan works on a declining balance system, where the student only pays for the food he or she purchases. There is no tax on the residence meal plan or on meal plan purchases. Please indicate below which meal plan option you would like to select.


  • Monies carry over from Fall semester to Winter semester
  • Unused amounts left over at the end of April (over $10 & up to $200) may be deposited into a future year meal plan
  • All meal plans are GST exempt.
  • Flex dollars can be used at various location including Dominos and Waves Coffee Shop.
  • Rates subject to change

Residence Policy

Please read the following document before proceeding:

Residence Policy


The information provided by me in this Residence Application is true and complete in all aspects and no information has been withheld. I understand that if I am accepted, any false statement(s) will be considered a cause for eviction. I understand that the completion of this application indicates I will abide by all terms and policies listed in the Ambrose Community Standards and Residence Policy. I understand and give permission to the Residence Director to contact previous institutions for reference.

Please note: this digital signature (if applicable) will act as given consent of the above residence statement.

Pay your deposit in the following ways:

1. Pay Deposit of $400 with EFT Bill Payments

Ambrose University can be set up as a bill or payee through any of the major banks in Canada. Other credit unions also allow Ambrose University as a payee through their bill payment system. 

  1. Navigate to your bank's website and log-in
  2. If this is your first time, you will need to add Ambrose University as a bill or payee. Navigate to the bill payments portion of your online banking webpage and click on "Add a Bill" or "Add a payee". Search for Ambrose.
    • Enter your student ID# as the account number. Your student ID# is unique and will identify your payment for your student account. 
    • Save the information. 
  3. Once you have created a profile for Ambrose, you can navigate to your list of payees/bills and create payments.
  • It will take at least a business day for your payment to show up on your account. 

2. Pay Deposit of $400 with Credit Card Payments

You can pay your residence deposit with your preferred credit card via Plastiq. Plastiq is a third-party service provider that provides an online platform for credit card payments. Please review their Terms of Service before using.

  1. Go to and register for an account. Once you have logged in, add Ambrose as the recipient/payee.
  2. Plastiq charges a fee of 2.50% (MasterCard and Visa only) per transaction. For each payment, you will see two charges on your credit card statement. One for the principal amount (ie. tuition); the other is for the service fee payable to Plastiq
  3. If you experience any problems with this method of payment, contact Plastiq directly. Their contact information is available here:

Ambrose University is committed to safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us. We manage your personal information in accordance with Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable laws. Information collected in this form may be used to contact you regarding programs and services. It will form part of your record as an applicant, student, and alumnus and may be disclosed to academic and administrative units. All information is considered confidential and will be used and disclosed in accordance with privacy legislation. For more information regarding the collection or use of this information, please contact the Privacy Compliance Officer (403-410-2000 or e-mail