Residence COVID-19 FAQ

These FAQs will be regularly updated as the situation evolves.

As of April 14, 2021

Q. What is your process for handling the COVID-19 variants? 

Q. Will residence be open for the 2021-2022 school year?

Yes, we will be open for the 2021-2022 school year. Currently, Residence Life is in the process of taking in residence applications and there will be one student per room.

Q. What is best way for me to contact someone if I have questions about residence?

Email with any questions you may have and a staff member will get back to you shortly.

Q. What is residence doing in order to lower the risk for students living on campus?

Our custodial staff are following health procedures. We have increased cleaning in high touch points in residence. Staff will disinfect and clean self-isolation rooms 24 hours after the rooms have been vacated.

Q. Will there be unique residence polices for the 2021-2022 year?

Yes, we have updated our Residence Life Community Standards with COVID-19 in mind. The goal is to keep students safe and also have a great residence experience. Check the updated standards here.

Q. Does Ambrose University have self-isolation rooms?

Yes, residence does have rooms set aside for self-isolation for those residents living with us that need to self-isolate. We are also finalizing procedures to support students in self-isolation including housekeeping, laundry, meals and groceries.

Q. Is there a central contact to direct questions about COVID-19 or self-isolation in residence?


If you believe you have COVID-19, please visit the Alberta Health Services website where you can complete a self-assessment and receive further information.

Q. Am I allowed guests in residence?

Residence has implemented a no guest policy until further notice.

Q. What is physical distancing?

Physical distancing is essential to limiting the spread of the virus and protecting your health. These measures are vitally important and in place to maintain everyone’s health and safety.

AHS information about COVID-19

AHS online self-assessment

AHS information on how to self-isolate 

Q. Do I have to purchase my own toilet paper?

No, students have toilet paper provided for them in their pods. 

Q. How does the meal plan work for the 2021-2022 school year?

Each residence student will have access to meals in the Calf for breakfast, lunch and supper. The Calf will be set up so students can be at a proper physical distance while eating. Campus Services is working on details for safe delivery and seating that provides a great dining experience and also keeps students safe. A meal that is missed will not be retroactive or refundable.

Q. Will the residence community kitchens stay open?

The kitchens have been closed for safety measures and will stay closed until further notice. Students with unique dietary restrictions may be given access. Email for further information.

Q. Will there be fridges and a microwave available in my pod?

We are recommending that students bring their own mini fridges and we will have a public fridge and a microwave available in each pod. Students will be encouraged to clean and wipe these down before each use.

Q. Will Residence Life provide me a self-isolation unit if I travel from an international location prior to the start of the fall term?

Incoming international students who have an active fall residence booking will be provided with their own self-isolation room on campus prior to moving into their residence room if that is requested. They will need to coordinate their travel plans with this in mind and be in contact with residence staff.

Q. Can Residence Life hold my parcels that I plan on sending prior to my arrival to Calgary?

Yes, we can hold the parcels at reception until you are able to pick them up after your self-isolation. 

Q. If I can’t return to campus and move into residence due to travel restrictions, can I defer my fall residence booking to the winter term?

Yes, residence can work with you to defer your residence booking to the winter term but it is dependent on availability. Please contact us at once you confirm your travel plans.

 Q. If I cancel my booking for the fall term, will you refund my damage deposit?

Residence will work with you and each unique request for the damage deposit. Please email if you are withdrawing your residence application.

Q. Will students be required to go home?

In the event that we have a large outbreak and in consultation with AHS, we may request domestic residents to return home if possible. We understand there may be some challenges for international students in returning home with recent announcements regarding international flight cancellations. We want to ensure you that we will continue to support international students and others with housing during this period.

Q. When will I find out more about residence move in information?

Students will be emailed in August with updates on residence move in information. Residence Life is currently working on a plan to help students move in easily and also to stay safe.

Q. How can I make residence payments?

Students can pay through a variety of ways. Check out this page to find out how