Residence Life for an Out of Province Student

Residence Life for an Out of Province Student

Girls studying in residence.

Whether attending Ambrose or any other university, the most important aspect of the university experience is the formation of a solid community. Living on residence is a wonderful way to foster relationships that will honestly last a life time. I moved to Calgary from Ontario and I was excited to move onto residence and make at least one really close friend. My floor was half freshmen and half third-year students. The third-year students did everything in their power to ensure that we felt a part of the community. The first week, they immersed us into their already strong fellowship, and we went on several hikes, cliff diving, swimming in the bow river and just hanging out in the pods.

Being a rather extraverted person, this community served me well in my first year. The floor above us was a little bit more introverted centered and worked well for those who were assigned to that community. The residence director spends lots of time in prayer when assigning students to residence floors and to their roommates. Not everything is perfect but for the most part, these pairings work out really well. When assigned to my roommate, for the first semester, I was certain that she did not like me because I was loud and annoying, and she thought that I didn’t like her because she was quiet and more to herself. During second semester, we really clicked, and we became like sisters. She and I roomed together in residence in our second year as well and at the end of that year we moved in together of campus. God really knows what he is doing when he matches you up with your roommate and your floor. I can count several people that I know that I will be lifelong friends with and who I know I will have stand next to me at my wedding.

Aside from the wonderful community provided on residence, there are a few other benefits. Living a 30 second walk from your classes gives you the opportunity to literally roll out of bed at 8:12 a.m. for your 8:15 a.m. class. I have several friends who took advantage of this option. As a student living on residence, you do have to be on the meal plan but the food at the Calf (cafeteria) is actually quite good and you don’t need to be worried about the “freshman 15” if you exhibit some form of self-control. They have a breakfast bar which is available all day full of yogurt and fruit and they have a salad bar at lunch time which has amazing toppings. In my first year, I actually lost 25 pounds just by eating a salad for lunch every day and exercising a little bit more. Although, I have to say that my favorite item on their menu is the breakfast sandwich and tater tots. That was my Saturday morning breakfast!

There are also plenty of work opportunities on campus and living on residence makes that a whole lot easier. I worked in the enrolment office after hours calling prospective students, you can work for Aramark, Ambrose’s catering company that runs the Calf, or you can work some shifts for security etc. There are many opportunities for you to dive into the community at Ambrose and living on residence is one of the best and most easily accessible ways to do so. Even if you live within walking distance of the school, I would highly encourage you to spend one semester even on residence just for the mere experience of it.

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