Rexford Boda Remembered

Ambrose Remembers Rex Boda

Rexford Boda joined the faculty of Canadian Bible College in 1965 as Director of General Studies; shortly thereafter he added Director of Athletics to his responsibilities. In 1971 he was appointed Academic Dean, and in 1979 President of Canadian Bible College and Canadian Theological Seminary (CBC/CTS), a position he held until his departure from the schools in 1988.

During his 23 year career with the institution, Dr. Boda impacted hundreds of students with his teaching and mentoring, some of whom now serve as faculty at Ambrose University, the current iteration of CBC and CTS.

Ambrose president Gordon T. Smith has a deep appreciation for the impact of Rex Boda in his life and in the life of the institution and notes:

“Dr. Boda was a terrific teacher and his course, Christian Theism, was hugely significant to me personally as an 18-year old; he demonstrated that Christians could, and needed to, take the mind seriously. Later, as the president of Canadian Bible College and Canadian Theological Seminary, he sustained a vision for higher education that continues to this day in what is now Ambrose University. I was so very honoured when he chose to attend my installation as president in the Fall of 2012.”

Remembered as an educator, churchman, mentor, and friend, the Ambrose community grieves Dr. Boda’s passing and sends condolences to his wife Jean and to the extended Boda family, many of whom are also Ambrose alumni.