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Seminary Association Ambrose


Our Vision: The Seminary Student Council believes that God is at the centre of all things; as a result, we passionately desire to see seminary students grow in both their empowerment and their journeys with Christ.

Our Mission

We have set out to accomplish this vision by:

1. Fostering intentional relationships;

2. Acting as the voice of students to internal and external parties;

3. Supporting Spirit-minded programs and activities that consider the entire students’ experience while at Ambrose; and

4. Stewarding all resources entrusted to us in a way that reflects these goals.

Get in Touch With Us!

Please join our Facebook group to know what is going on within the Seminary community and send us an email if you need any information.

Seminary Student Council Positions

You will find below the formal duty descriptions of each council position. Ambrose Seminary understands that community is a vital component of formation, learning and development, particularly during the unique life stage of attending Seminary. Joining Seminary Student Council is a fun way to get involved with Ambrose Seminary and be a part of creating the community that serves to edify the Seminary body. The community does not exist without the willingness of Seminary students to get involved and help create it!

Duties of the Members

The Consular Director shall:

  1. be the official voice of the Student Assembly;
  2. chair all meetings of the Student Assembly and all Executive Meetings;
  3. be the liaison with the undergraduate student leadership body of Ambrose University;
  4. ensure Student Leadership Team presence at all social events connected with the Student Assembly; and
  5. hold signing authority for the Student Assembly.

The Operations Director shall:

  1. act on behalf of the Consular Director in their absence;
  2. coordinate the Student Leadership Team elections process;
  3. ensure sufficient Student Assembly representation on committees and at meetings throughout the academic year;present an analysis of the Student Leadership Team’s work throughout the year
  4. at the General Assembly Meeting, including ideas for future consideration;
  5. ensure the activities of the Student Assembly are executed effectively and in a timely fashion; and
  6. hold signing authority for the Student Assembly.

The Records Director shall: 

  1. record accurate minutes for the General Meeting, any Special Meetings and all Executive Meetings;
  2. prepare and distribute copies of the minutes of all meetings as noted above to members of the Student Leadership Team or other persons authorised to receive them by the Student Leadership Team;
  3. maintain records of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Student Assembly as well as all historical minutes and communications of the Student Assembly and Student Leadership Team; and
  4. hold signing authority for the Student Assembly.

The Communications & Public Relations Coordinator shall: 

  1. coordinate the various methods of communication for the Student Assembly and Student Leadership Team across all media types;
  2. work closely with the Ambrose Communications Department to deliver content in a manner that is consistent with the branding and style of both Ambrose University and the Student Assembly;
  3. be responsible for the maintenance of notices on the bulletin boards and whiteboards in the Seminary Commons; and
  4. maintain an accurate and updated contact list of all Members.

The Community Life Coordinator shall: 

  1. maintain a calendar of events for the Student Assembly for each semester;
  2. oversee the planning and implementation of social events for the Student Assembly; and
  3. supervise the maintenance of the Seminary Commons.

The Treasurer shall: 

  1. create the budgets for the Student Assembly, which shall be proposed to the Student Leadership Team within the first calendar month of the Fall and Winter academic semesters;
  2. account for and maintain accurate records of all financial transactions relating to the Student Assembly’s activities;
  3. process all debits and credits against the Student Assembly’s financial accounts;
  4. administer, withother designated persons, the Benevolent Fund in accordance with the policy; and
  5. submit financial records of the Student Assembly in a timely fashion to any party designated by the Student Leadership Team.

The Spiritual Life Coordinator shall: 

  1. work closely with the Campus Chaplain to coordinate and implement spiritual activities for Members and the public; and
  2. represent the Student Leadership Team and Student Assembly in all spiritual co-curricular activities; and
  3. foster and environment of spiritual growth and Christ likeness throughout the Student Assembly.

For further information, please contact