Seminary Personal Requirements

Personal Qualifications

Preparing for Christian ministry at Ambrose Seminary will demand a great deal from you: it will challenge you academically, personally, and spiritually. Before we admit you as a student, we need to make sure that you’re ready to meet these challenges.

As an applicant, you need to provide evidence that you have a personal commitment to Christ that has existed for at least one year prior to the time you plan to begin your studies at Ambrose. You should also be able to demonstrate that you have a balanced personality, a reputable character, and a motivation to learn.


To demonstrate these personal qualifications, you’ll need to submit a 2 - 3 page testimony with your application. The testimony should include the following:

  • A description of your faith journey
  • An explanation of your ministry involvement
  • An explanation of your reason for applying to the program and what you plan to pursue after you complete it

See the Required Documents section for complete information on the documents you need to submit with your application for admission.