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Seminary - Finance

When considering graduate studies, it's tempting to look only at costs. At Ambrose, we suggest you take a different view and focus on what your education will enable you to do: make a difference in the world.

  Budget Calculator

  Seminary Budget worksheet

Know your numbers. Explore your options.

  Confirm your program's tuition and fees.

  Use the online budget calculator to determine your costs.

  Check out your scholarships and student loan options.

  Confirm your eligibility.

  Decide what's best for you given your financial situation.

Financial Assistance Sources:

  Family Contributions - family and friends may be happy to help you through monetary gifts.

  Registered Education Savings Plan - contact the provider for information on claiming those funds. Most pay funds in equal installments over 3 or 4 years.

  Available Savings - use savings to reduce or avoid loan payments

  On and Off-Campus Employment.

  Part time work available throughout the Calgary area and can assist in covering educational costs.

  Ambrose University College does provide opportunities for students to work on campus.

  Church Contributions - your Church may be willing to support you through a scholarship fund or special offering for your benefit.

  Ambrose offers a variety of entrance scholarship opportunities.  Employer Scholarships/Bursaries - your parents' employer may offer scholarships or bursaries to family members.

  Student Line of Credit - a loan program run by banks which is usually co-signed by a responsible adult. Funds are available only during the study period (September to April) and function much like a credit card.

  External Scholarships and Bursaries.

  Apply for Financial Assistance for the Student Financial Assistance Fund. Application deadlines: January 1 - June 1.



  For question or more information, please contact the Financial Aid Coordinator at 403.410.2938 or email