Ambrose University

Seminary - Mission

At Ambrose Seminary, we seek to integrate your learning experience around 4 key goals.  We will:

Nurture theological depth & breadth: To know what you believe and why it matters

- Ambrose Seminary provides our students with an education rooted in the depth of our evangelical heritage and steeped in the breadth of Christian tradition.

- We deeply desire that our students leave Ambrose able to interpret the Bible and all God’s revelation faithfully and to reflect theologically on all that touches on faith and life.


Cultivate a heart after God: To know God - Father, Son & Holy Spirit - and to love as God loves

- Ambrose Seminary imparts to our students a vision of the Triune God and models a Spirit-filled life of abiding and abounding in God.

- We deeply desire that our students leave Ambrose centered in a life of communion with God and love of neighbour.


Foster vocational clarity & effectiveness: To know who you are and what you are to do

- Ambrose Seminary helps our students discern and engage their vocation in the uniqueness of their gifts, heart-desires, and personality.

- We deeply desire that our students leave Ambrose empowered to serve effectively in the place where their deep joy and the world’s deep need meet.


Inspire redemptive action: To know God’s mission and to live it fully

- Ambrose Seminary challenges students to see and celebrate how God is at work and equips them for reflective engagement in that work.

- We deeply desire that our students leave Ambrose ready to engage whole-heartedly wherever God leads them.




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