So, You’re at a Christian University?

So, You’re at a Christian University?

One of my favourite parts about being a Student Ambassador is getting to answer questions and talk about why I love Ambrose. One type of question that comes up fairly frequently is about Ambrose being a Christian University. People have many questions about what that means and how it impacts the quality of our degrees, the culture on campus, and more. So today, I’d like to share some of the benefits and reasons why I enjoy studying at a Christian University!

But what is a Christian University?

First, I want to clarify what we mean when we call Ambrose a Christian University. We use the term Christian because Ambrose is the official school for two Christian denominations: Church of the Nazarene, and Christian and Missionary Alliance. These two church denominations combined their former colleges to form Ambrose. “So, you’re a Bible college?” Nope, we are a university! Our degrees are fully accredited, which means they are officially recognized and considered the same as any other public university. We do have an incredible School of Ministry, and a wide array of Bible and religious courses, but we also have many excellent Arts and Science programs and courses. To learn more about our history, check out our website here.

3 Reasons You Should Choose A Christian University

Personal Growth

University is known to be a time when you discover who you are as you transition into adulthood. A Christian University can be a great place to experience freedom and responsibility in a safe environment, while also being challenged to grow deeper in faith.

Quality Education

As I mentioned previously, a Christian University like Ambrose is an accredited institution, meaning you’ll get a real degree that is recognized by other institutions and organizations. You are not forfeiting the quality of your education by being in a Christian environment. In fact, you may even get a better education due to smaller class sizes and more one-on-one time with professors!

Integrated Learning

The thing I love most about studying at Ambrose is that you do both arts and science and religious courses together in one degree. This means that someone wanting to study psychology can also study the Bible in one degree. Also ministry students can complete not one, but two Arts and Science minors to compliment their ministry degree. This is not something you’ll be able to do at most institutions.

These are some reasons why I love studying at a Christian University! It is a unique community full of people with different interests and career goals who want to be Christ in their communities and impact the world for good. The experience both inside and outside the classroom is worth every dollar!
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