Ambrose University

Spiritual Life

Ambrose provides the richest form of a university education - the integration of faith and learning.


Every Tuesday and Thursday we take time to worship together. You can watch recordings of Chapel by clicking here.


As an educational institution that is distinctly Christian, prayer is woven into our community life. As such, dedicated Prayer Rooms in our Academic Building and Residence are for you to take time in your day.

Missions Emphasis

Through program practicum and societies, field education and special emphasis days, you choose how and where you want to serve.

Small Groups

Participate in bible studies, women's or men's groups, prayer teams, or start your own small group.

Legacy Youth Conference

LYC is not like other conferences. LYC is a learning experience for our students but also an opportunity for over 500 youth to experience God. Ambrose students plan and run the conference, from registration to entertainment and worship. Visit


Spiritual growth is more than an event - it is integrated into everything we do. Our faculty challenge you beyond the textbooks and theories to explore each discipline through your faith.