Spring Extension of Stay Housing Application

Spring 2021 Extension of Stay Housing Application

Emergency Contact Info

Please Note: You are only permitted to live on campus during the approved date (s).


Room Fees: NO CHARGE for Extension of Stay for the purposes of Graduation or Internship Seminar.

A cost of $35.00/day or $175.00/week may be charged to your student account dependent on the reason for your extended stay. Campus Services will contact you by email when the application has been processed, enclosing an Individual Residence Booking invoice confirming your check-in and/or check-out dates and fees for Stay.

Every attempt will be made to allow you to remain in your current room. Should it be necessary for Campus Services to relocate you, instructions will be given regarding the move. You will complete the 'check-out' procedure for your current room and receive information on your relocation.