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Meet Kaitlin Henczel

Hey! My name is Kaitlin and I am a fourth year Behavioural Science student minoring in International Community Development. I hope to work with women exiting sexual exploitation and trafficking when I graduate next fall. Born and raised in Calgary I decided to come to Ambrose because of the small environment and the faith integration the campus offered. From the first time I stepped on campus I knew Ambrose was where I belonged and have loved every minute since! I lived on residence for my first three years and this year am commuting as I live off campus with 4 of my best friends from Ambrose. I am also the Director of Operations on Student Council-which means I oversee all of the clubs on campus and help with other projects!  My favorite thing about Ambrose is how much the professors invest and care about each student. Coming to Ambrose has been one of the best decisions I have made!



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Ambrose Student Ambassador Kaitlin Henczel

How to Balance Work and School

Kaitlin shares tips for balancing work as a full-time student

Ambrose Student Ambassador Kaitlin Henczel

Three reasons why YOU should choose Ambrose!

Kaitlin writes about the academic, community and spiritual reasons why Ambrose is the place to be.

Ambrose Student Ambassador Kaitlin Henczel

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Ambrose Student Ambassador Kaitlin Henczel

3 reasons why a Calgarian chose to live in residence

Kaitlin Henczel

Yes, you read that right! I am a third-year student, originally from Calgary, and I have chosen to live in residence all three of those years! Here are my reasons: