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Heyyy, my name is Lauren Schmitke and I am currently in my second year of a double major in English Literature and Business and Administration here at Ambrose University. I was raised, for the most part, in Owen Sound ON. I have an odd mix of majors because I have an odd mix of personality. I love reading and writing essays (the nerd), that is my absolute passion and I love everything about the business world (the extravert)! I hope to one day feed both of these enjoyments with the occupation of being an Editor for a dissertation publication firm. I'm hoping to bring the light and joy of Jesus to the lives of many people in the realm of business and in the lives of the people I interact with every day!



Posts by Lauren

Girl reading book

Courses, Comprehension and Chapters: Two Suggested Books for Ambrose Students

English and Business Major, Lauren Schmitke, shares two books that she thinks are great foundational readings for Ambrose courses. 

Girls studying in residence.

Residence Life for an Out of Province Student

Third-year student Lauren Schmitke shares about her time living in residence and why you should too! 

Downtown Calgary

Calgary for an Out of Province Student

Lauren Schmitke is Bachelor of Arts student who is currently completing a double major in business and english literature. In this post Lauren shares about her move to Calgary and her tips for adjusting to the Calgary climate.