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Statement on Sexual Identity

April 2014

Ambrose University is a full member of Campus Alberta.  It is also a distinctly Christian institution of higher education grounded in the Protestant evangelical theological tradition.  As such, Ambrose has adopted a Christian sexual ethic based on church tradition and scripture.  According to this ethic, sexual activity is designed for full expression in a committed, loving marriage relationship between a man and a woman. 

During the admissions process, prospective students are given the opportunity to review the Responsibilities of Membership: Community Standards, which articulates core values and expectations for students, including the Christian sexual ethic.  Prospective students provide informed consent regarding the Responsibilities of Membership: Community Standards when they apply for admission. 

Ambrose recognises that some students may self-identify as having same-sex attraction or a non-heterosexual identity, and this alone is not in contradiction with the Responsibilities of Membership: Community Standards. Ambrose welcomes these students into the learning community, along with other minority groups, and will not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. Ambrose believes that a diverse learning community is a healthy learning community.  However, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, all unmarried students are expected to pursue a lifestyle of chastity.

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