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Painting of the words "Choose Joy"

Finding Joy

Student Mo Hickman continues to share her internship experiences with us. In this post, Mo shares about finding joy even in aspects of work and life that aren't necessarily joyful. 

Flower growing in a pot.

What I’m Loving (and not loving) about Internship

In her third internship blog post, Mo Hickman shares about the highs and lows from her internship experience. 

Image of a clothing rack.

What a Thrift Store Taught Me About Being a Pastor

Fourth-year Bachelor of Theology student Mo Hickman shares about her experiences in her current internship in Hamilton, Ontario. In her second blog post, Mo shares about her lessons learned working in a thrift store and how it applies to her pastoral internship. 

Alex Friesen (left) stands with fellow business students.

Reflections on the #DoBusinessLikeACDN Case Competition

Senior Ambrose business students in the Advanced Strategy class competed in a mini case competition as part of the Canadian Business for Social Responsibility’s #dobusinesslikeaCDN initiative. The winners have been invited to the Calgary kick-off in April. One of the members of the winning team, Alexandria Friesen shares on her experience....

Ambrose University Student Internships

Why Do an Internship?

A job is required for experience. Experience is required for a job. This is a well-known dilemma for students today. One answer to the problem is an internship.


2018 Presidential Scholarship Winner - Arianna Tenor

We catch up with 2018 Presidential Scholarship Winner, Arianna Tenor, to see how the Presidential Scholarship has impacted her this past year.