Ambrose University

Student Leadership Positions

The following pages contain job descriptions for the many leadership positions open to you, here on the Ambrose campus. Select the area you are interested in and, if after reading the job description you feel this is something you want to become involved in, make yourself known to the contact person and they will guide you through the application process. These positions offer you the opportunity for personal growth and development, to serve your student body and to hone skills which will stay with you for a lifetime.

If you are interested in earning credit while serving in a leadership role, check out the new Leadership Course,  Bus 301- Leadership Theory and Practice. It  is a supervised practical student leadership experience with an on-line component.  You can earn 3 credits over two semesters. Only second year students and above, participating in one of the leadership positions described on the following pages, would be eligible for participation.


Available Positions:

First Year Experience Success Leader

Sports Writer

Senior Commuter Life Leader - Collegium Lead

Residence Assistant

Commuter Life Leader

Ambrose Student Leadership Application Form