Students Pitch at ATB BoostR Stage

ATB BoostR Stage Calgary, Post Secondary Edition

It's a good day for the Ambrose Business program. Out of 6 entrepreneurs pitching crowdfunding ideas at Calgary's ATB BoostR Stage on March 16 Ambrose students Nicholas Newnes & Lizzy Dornian with Care Styling have made it to the finals. A second team of Business students, Marlin Adhikary, Carter Bergen & Zander Coutts have also launched a crowd-funding campaign with Alvigere during the initial stages of the competition. 

Support our students

You can support Nicholas and Lizzy at the ATB BoostR competition by showing up and voting. Use the promo "AmbroseSTDNT" to get a $15 ticket while quantities last.


You can also check out and support both Care Styling and Alivgere's crowd-funding campaigns.

Care Styling


Encouraging students to become entrepreneurs 

"The Ambrose Business program has been so influential for me. My passion for business and especially entrepreneurship has flourished in the past 3 years," says Lizzy Dornian, Ambrose University, BBA, 3rd Year and Care Styling Co-Founder. "The classes BUS 390 and 392 have pushed me out of my comfort zone into places I’m still not sure if I can handle but the opportunity I have from them is once-in-a-lifetime. Our project for these two classes has turned into a real business venture that Nicholas and I are pursuing. Not only have those classes pushed us to create and pursue Care Styling, but the business society, teachers and students alike, have all been incredibly supportive."

"A major component of the BUS 390 course was that we had to pitch at the Lion’s Den Social Innovation Challenge at last year’s Soul Forum," adds Nicholas Newnes, also Ambrose University, BBA, 3rd Year and Co-Founder of Care Styling. "I feel like we both jumped in without much thought for what we were really doing, but after winning that first round, moving on to the second and winning People’s Choice, I realize that we had landed on something that was really cool and important for society. The Business program at Ambrose has provided us with a lot of support to help us get to where we are now and professors from the BHS program have also point us in the right direction a couple times. I could not imagine a better institution to be a student starting a venture like this."