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For the Love of Reading: Keeping a Reading Journal

Ambrose Writing ServicesI’ve always loved books. As a child of eight, my mom tells me, I often got up early—sometimes before 6:30 a.m.!—to read. One night, when I complained that I was tired, my mom suggested that perhaps I should sleep a little later in the mornings. I responded, “I can’t! The books are tempting me!” To help her poor daughter resist the lure of the printed page, my mother pulled no fewer than seven story books out of my bed sheets! 

The All-Nighter

Ambrose Writing Services Christine Jacob | 3 April 2018clock at midnight

I pulled my first all-nighter in my first year of college. Is there any other way to write a paper as a freshman? Despite not being a coffee drinker, I made myself a big mug of the instant kind and braced myself for a long night. After having flipped through a few relevant library books in a cursory fashion and having come up with a vague idea of what I wanted to say, I began to type, obsessively eyeing the word count at the bottom of the screen.

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Faves and Fears: An Interview with Julia Kennedy, Peer Writing Tutor

Julia K.Elizabeth Gripping | 8 April 2017

One of our tutors, Julia Kennedy, is currently pursuing a BTh in Intercultural Studies. She has been working for the Ambrose Writing Centre for over a year, and she enjoys learning from other students and sharing tips and resources with them. She also loves reading, traveling, family, and the simple gifts of everyday life. Recently, she told us a bit about herself. 

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Why EN-115?

Student sitting behind a stack of booksTaylor Beaudry | 29 March 2017

"What's the point of reading poetry, anyways?" a student asked me. "I'm in Biology." As a tutor at the Ambrose Writing Centre, I have heard this question—or ones similar—from many students enrolled in EN-115. While counselling wasn’t in my employee contract, I spend a lot of time listening and consoling students while they divulge their  EN-115 woes. Their complaints, however, have nothing to do with the quality of the professors (who are all excellent educators and scholars) or even with the dreaded literalization assignment. Rather, their laments centre on the purpose of Literature.

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Human to Human: Christine Jacob, Peer Writing Tutor, on Books, Writing, and Tutoring

Christine JElizabeth Gripping | 9 November 2016

Today, we want to help you get to know another of our tutors, Christine Jacob. Christine's academic career began with studies in intercultural ministry, and she has a strong interest in culture and travel. However, Christine's love for books led her to study literature, and she will graduate from Ambrose with a BA in English in April 2017. She is currently in her second year as a tutor in the Ambrose Writing Centre. 

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Who Are We? Taylor Beaudry, Peer Writing Tutor, on Life and Learning

Taylor B. Elizabeth Gripping | 25 October 2016

Today, we want to introduce you to Taylor Beaudry, now in her third year of tutoring with the Ambrose Writing Centre. 

Ambrose Writing Centre (AWC): What is your favourite colour? Why? 
Taylor Beaudry (TB): My favourite colour is yellow because it is the happiest of all the colours. 

*Please note that Ambrose Writing Centre (AWC) has now changed their name to Ambrose Writing Services (AWS)

Talking to the Dead: Reading and Writing in Community

book with open pagesElizabeth Gripping | 20 October 2016

I talk to the dead on a regular basis. My parents say that, somehow, I'm related to William Lyon Mackenzie King, the tenth prime minister of Canada, who talked to his dead dogs and his deceased mother. But, unlike my quirky ancestor, I'm not into the occult. Actually--and here comes the big confession--I'm a reader and a writer. And this reading and writing thing is far cooler than some séance.