Three reasons why YOU should choose Ambrose!

Three reasons why YOU should choose Ambrose!

Ambrose Student Ambassador Kaitlin Henczel

Kaitlin Henczel


Let’s be honest you are coming to university to get a degree. So what can Ambrose offer you? Ambrose has a variety of programs from Arts and Science degrees such as business, biology, and acting to Theology degrees such as youth ministry, and church ministry. The best part is that you can get a degree that is equivalent to that of the Univerisity of Calgary or the University of Alberta, but with an average of 18 students per classes.
At Ambrose, you are not just a number like many high school teachers will warn you about becoming. You are a student that the faculty learns to know. They care about who you are, what you like, and what you aspire to be. Ambrose is rated #2 in faculty-student interactions, and this has been important in my experience at Ambrose University. Whenever I get the chance to meet with one of my professors in her office we have the opportunity to share laughter and tears together! She can tell when something more is going on and offers advice to make sure that I am doing okay

Almost every program offers some form of travel study. Travels studies all you to get credit for traveling to places like England, Florida, Dominican Republic and even Africa! What is even cooler is we have grads that have gone on to study at Harvard, Julliard, Oxford, some who have even become surgeons, and world-class business owners. Have you heard of Monogram coffee? The guy who started that business graduated from Ambrose! I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty cool to me!


Ambrose has so many ways you can get involved it’s pretty crazy. We have clubs, such as dance, running, coffee, and my personal favorite, the baking club. I love the baking club because there is always free food and because I was one of the students that started it! If you have a hobby that you love doing you can start your own club too.

We also have four sports teams (volleyball, basketball, futsal, and outdoor soccer) that are a part of the ACAC league, so we play teams like SAIT and St Mary’s. Whether you are playing on a team just cheering for the Lions from the stands, athletics are a great way to stay involved with the school. There are also many great leadership opportunities. You can serve on student council, as a resident assistant, or help run orientation week, and the best part is most of these positions are paid!

Living in residence is another great way to build community. You have a group of people that you can live together and do life with. Plus you can prank some other floors and do some late night Denny’s runs together. I’m from Calgary but have lived in residence my last three years because I made such great friends and loved it so much I couldn’t leave, now my friendships are growing, and we are moving off into a house together this year! So take advantage of the numerous opportunities that are available to you!


At Ambrose, we offer Chapel twice a week where the campus closes for 45 minutes, and we worship God together and listen to guest speakers. Chapel is not mandatory for students to attend but is a good way to keep spirituality apart of your university life. What is super cool is that you have the whole faculty who are walking their own faith journey and willing to come along side you to help you on your faith walk as well. This ties back into the community piece because you can become a part of the worship teams that lead music at the chapel services.

As well Ambrose hosts worship nights throughout the semester which are student lead and a great way to build your spirituality while fostering community. As well each year we offer a two day event called “Spiritual Emphasis Days” in which we don’t have classes, but offer workshops with faculty and guest speakers to build the foundation of spiritual life, and the second day offer ways in which we can serve and give back to the community in which we are a part of. I have loved the opportunities to give back to the community and help get connected with some of the organizations in Calgary.

So now that you know why you should come to Ambrose, what’s next?

Well, visit us on campus! Attend our open house, book a campus visit, and see what life is like here at Ambrose!


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