Types of Accessibility Services

Students with documented disabilities or health conditions may be eligible for a number of academic accommodations and services. The type of academic accommodation and service provided is dependent on the nature of the documented disability or health condition. Contact Accessibility Services before or at the beginning of each semester to confirm required academic accommodations. Here is a list of potential academic accommodations and services provided for eligible students: 

Classroom Accommodations and Services     

  • Use of sign language interpreters 
  • Use of volunteer note takers in the classroom
  • Permission to record lectures or labs 
  • Use of assistive technology in the classroom and labs 
  • Course material in alternative format 

Exam Accommodations 

  • Extended exam time 
  • Distraction reduced environments
  • Exams divided into sections to permit breaks 
  • Alternate exam formats (e.g. electronic exams for use with assistive technology) 
  • Use of assistive technology 

Assistive Technology 

  • Accessibility Services has some assistive technology that can be lent to you while your funding for assistive technology is in progress. 
  • Reading pens
  • High speed scanner 
  • Alternative formatting 
  • Digital recorders 
  • Screen magnification software with speech (Zoom Text) 


  • Learning strategists 
  • Tutors
    • Tutors may be available in some courses or programs. Accessibility Services cannot guarantee that a tutor will be available for all of your courses. 
  • Academic aides 
  • Assists technology training