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General Sciences Minor

The General Sciences Minor has breadth into the physical sciences which complements the Science (Biology) degree well. The General Science also supports the philosophy of a liberal arts university by exposing the student to a wider variety of disciplines than other minors.  This minor would be beneficial for those students looking towards work in Education, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, or a graduate program in Natural Sciences or Physical Biological Sciences. The General Science minor is not open to students in the Bachelor of Science degree.

General Science (18 Credits)
One of the following:
     BIO 131 Introduction to the Cellular Basis of Life
     BIO 133 Introduction to Plant and Organismal Biology
One of the following:
     SC 215 Controversies in Science
     SC 250 Science and Society
12 credits of the following. 6 credits must be at a senior level*
     Astronomy (ASTR), Biochemistry (BCH), Biology (BIO), Botany (BOT), CHE (Chemistry), ECOL (Ecology), Geology (GEO), Geography (GEOG), Kinesiology (KIN)**, Mathematics (MA), Medical Science (MED), Physics (PHY), Science (SC), Statistics (STA), Zoology (ZOO)

*Note: Students cannot take more than 6 credits from any one discipline.

**Note: Not all KIN courses can be used as Science credits.  Check the course description for eligibility.