What to do when you hear God’s call

Legacy Youth Conference

One of the greatest ways that we can show God that we love Him is by obeying Him.

Have you ever felt God calling you to serve him and be a part of something bigger than yourself?  Has that still small voice started to guide you down a path, inviting you to explore how you are called into ministry?

Discerning what you are called to do can be challenging, but one thing is certain: when God calls you, He gives you the resources to fulfill the call.

If you are in a place where you think ministry might be your purpose in life, one resource that I believe in strongly is the education and training that you will receive at Ambrose University. Ambrose offers you a high-quality education with experienced and passionate professors. 

What I’ve learned about my calling

I know from my own experience that a choice to attend this school is one of the wisest that you can make. When I was in grade 10, I attended Legacy Conference in Regina, SK, at Canadian Bible College (one of the earlier versions of Ambrose). Brian Buhler was the conference speaker and as he preached, I heard God’s voice calling me into ministry.

Saying yes to that call was one of the wisest choices that I have made in my life. However, the process of saying yes didn’t end with my experience at the Legacy Youth Conference. 

I needed to do something about the call, to take a step in response to God’s invitation.

If you have heard or are beginning to hear God’s voice calling you into ministry, I want to encourage you to take a step forward by coming to Ambrose University. This is a place where you’ll be free to explore what your calling means. Here you can find strength and competency in the work you are being called to do. 

Why learn about ministry at university?

It is important to respond to God’s call by seeking out a place where you can develop the tools and skills to actually fulfill your calling. The variety of ministry programs at Ambrose will allow you to sharpen the purpose that God has given you, and you’ll also learn to serve with the natural and learned abilities that will bring you fulfillment in your work.

But you’ll need more than your abilities and classroom learning—the best way to learn is to do.

That’s why we provide practical in-class training alongside ministry opportunities in and beyond Ambrose, that will help you to develop ministry competencies. These opportunities will allow you to test out the principles and approaches that you are learning about in class. 

Our ministry training isn’t something that is stagnant and learned through books. Rather, it’s an experience. Through the hands-on learning that happens in your internships and the growth that comes from being immersed in the spiritual life of the university, we’re going to provide you with plenty of opportunities to minister and be ministered to before you enter into a life of professional ministry.

Being part of something bigger

When you graduate, you’ll be linked to Ambrose, but you'll also be part of a much larger network. Ambrose grads are serving throughout the world in a variety of different ministry settings.  Many of these grads are fulfilling their God-given call in powerful ways by putting into practice the lessons and experiences that they received from the community at Ambrose. 

Your learning won’t stop when you graduate. At Ambrose, we won’t just equip you and then say goodbye. As you get jobs and take on new responsibilities, your professors are going to become your peers, and we’ll stay connected to you within the broader church community. One of the things that I have appreciated the most about being a professor here is the lasting connection that I have with many of our graduates, who view the Ambrose faculty as resources for them once they are in their jobs.

So when I think about my role on the faculty, I see something that’s much bigger than what happens here on campus. I am proud to contribute in a small way to the movement of youth workers that come from Ambrose University. And when I look back, I can see that my journey to fulfilling God’s purpose for my life started with a simple call to obedience at Legacy Conference in Regina, and it continues today in Calgary as I work alongside students who go on to make an impact far beyond the Ambrose community.

They’re becoming the future leaders of the church. And through their commitment to pursue God’s call on their lives, they’re creating a movement of disciple-makers around the world.