What is a Hybrid Course?


Hybrid courses are relatively new at Ambrose. In order to help you navigate a hybrid learning environment (if you happen to be enroled in such a course this year), here are a few facts, tips and guides:

1. Hybrid courses exemplify a “blended” model, where part of a course is delivered in a face-to-face context, and part of it is delivered in an online (synchronous or asynchronous) manner. At Ambrose, hybrid courses will have students complete online components asynchronously or in an enhanced asynchronous format. Asynchronous means that you are not required to meet with classmates at the same time online and your activities (readings/ assignments) are to be completed on your own (in consultation with the instructor). Enhanced asynchronous means that it is the instructor’s discretion to make some synchronous sessions occur the online environment.

2. Students will attend one class session per week OR, in irregular cases of modular or block courses, at the discretion of the instructor.

3. The weekly or block sessions will include a variety of lecture, discussion, and learning activities.

4. The remainder of course materials (according to instructor design) will be offered through an online modality (Moodle), and will ruire the student to be responsible for engaging all course content, particularly those elements (readings, assignments, activities) that are exclusive to the online format.


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