Why Do an Internship?

Why Do an Internship?

Ambrose University Student Internships

A job is required for experience. Experience is required for a job. This is a well-known dilemma for students today. One answer to the problem is an internship.

Now, if you started picturing the nerdy kid getting everybody’s coffee, you’re not picturing the real potential of internships. An internship isn’t about a company or organization getting some free labor or someone to run errands. It’s about learning from professionals and gaining valuable experience in your chosen profession. It’s an excellent way to “test the waters” and see if you’re on the right career path. The Canadian Government has recognized the importance of internships, and is providing 1200 paid positions through Digital Skills for Youth! A university may include internship opportunities as part of a degree. Ambrose is one of those universities.

Theology Student Internships Ambrose University

Ambrose University understands that internships allow students to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and put it to work in the “real world”. School of Ministry students complete an internship that lasts between five months and one year. Many students will testify that internship was one of the most important and influential parts of their degree.

I am a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Theology program at Ambrose and I am currently on internship in Hamilton, Ontario. I’m excited to share my journey with you as I experience all aspects of pastoral ministry. Let’s start with how I arrived at Hamilton:

The planning for internship begins about a year in advance of your arrival. You meet with the Field Education Coordinator to discuss your interests, your goals, and potential partnering churches and organizations. I originally wanted to stay in the Calgary area so I could continue taking classes at Ambrose. But God had other plans! Shortly after placing a Canada-wide request to churches, Crown Point Community Church responded with enthusiasm. The goals for their church matched closely with my goals for ministry, and after a phone call with the lead pastor, I knew it was a perfect match! That spring, I got to meet Pastor Jason for the first time at our Internship Seminar on campus. This was really happening!

I have now been in Hamilton for one month. Transitions are never easy, but the church has been so loving and welcoming of me. They have been praying for me since day one, and are so excited that I am finally here! It hasn’t been what I expected, but that’s part of the learning experience! I’m excited to continue trying new things, discovering my strengths and weaknesses, and seeing where God leads me on this journey.

I am so thankful that I get to do an internship placement as part of my degree. Hands-on experience, especially in ministry, is so valuable as there are things that just can’t be taught in a classroom. Internship is a valuable and unique opportunity to learn from seasoned pastors, and to bless and be blessed by a church community. I’m thankful that when I graduate, I won’t have the same dilemma as other graduates because I will have gained the experience I need, thanks to my internship.    

*Stay tuned as Mo continues to share updates from her internship.

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