Winter 2020 Grading

Winter 2020 Grading

As of March 31, 2020
Updated May 6, 2020

In response to the difficulties many students are facing due to the extraordinary COVID-19 situation, Ambrose University is allowing all students (undergraduate, education and seminary) to choose one of the following options for each course they complete in the Winter 2020 term:

1. Students can accept their final letter course grade as assigned by their professors at conclusion of coursework (A, B, C, etc). This grade is included in their GPA.


2. Opt for the Credit (CR)/Non-Credit (NC) designation. CR or NC replaces the final letter grade on the transcript and is not included in the grade point average.


  • Credit Received (CR) – Indicates that the student passed the course. CR permits the student to receive academic credit for the course toward their degree requirements and use the course to meet prerequisite requirements.
  • Non-Credit (NC) – Indicates that the student attempted the course and failed the course.  NC means the student will need to repeat the course should it be a requirement of their program or a necessary pre-requisite course.  The benefit of the Non-Credit designation is that it does not negatively affect the student’s grade point average as it is not included in the calculation of the grade point average. It replaces the failing grade on the transcript.

Letter grades for those courses that concluded prior to the cancellation of in-person classes will stand.

Students will make this choice AFTER they complete their Winter 2020 courses and receive their final grades.

Students who do not complete all coursework and complete the class in full, will face the same consequences they normally would for neglecting to do so (in most cases, a final letter grade of ‘F’).

After grades have been posted, students may request the Credit/Non-Credit grade option through the Office of the Registrar.

Students Planning to Graduate Spring 2020                                        Request a change of grade by April 28
Students NOT Planning to Graduate Spring 2020                               Request a change of grade by May 6
Courses that have alternative timelines                                               Request a change of grade to the Office of the Registrar within 7 days of receiving your final grade

Students will communicate their choices to the Office of the Registrar through an online form submission. Students who do not meet this deadline or do not notify the Office of the Registrar otherwise will automatically keep their assigned letter grade. Form will be available April 20.

The option to choose Credit (CR) is to help students on the bubble of being affected by the recent changes to classroom learning by protecting their GPA’s from being impacted. It does not penalize students already excelling, since those students can take their letter grade which will be used in GPA calculations. It also does not extend a free pass to students already on track to fail their class, as students can only opt for Credit (CR) if they received a letter grade of D or better.

Transcripts with Winter 2020 enrolment will include the following statement for Winter 2020:

In response to the disruption caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Ambrose University adopted optional Credit/No Credit grades for the Winter 2020 term. Students, with grades of CR have met the requirements of the course, whereas students with NC have not. In either instance, these grades do not contribute to a GPA calculation. If a letter grade is present for the Winter 2020 term, students chose to keep it, and the letter grade contributes to a GPA calculation.


Winter 2020 Grading Frequently Asked Questions


Does this mean classes are finished for the semester?
NO. Classes will continue according to the remote learning plans developed by your instructors. If you are unsure about a specific class, please connect with your professor.

If I opt for Credit Received (CR) for a course, do I still need to finish the semester and all my course work?
YES. The choice to accept your final letter grade or to opt for Credit Received (CR) is made after you complete your courses and receive your final grades. We encourage you to continue to work hard to finish the semester strong!

Can I choose to keep my final letter grade for some courses, but choose the Credit Received (CR) option for others?
YES. You can choose course by course. You can choose to accept your final letter grades for some courses and Credit Received (CR) for others.

If I choose Credit Received (CR) for one or more courses, will it impact my GPA?
NO. Choosing a Credit/Non-Credit grade will have no impact on your GPA.

How will the CR grade work when determining my eligibility for scholarships/awards?
If you choose Credit Received (CR), no grade point value will be associated with that course – so it will not be included in your GPA calculation. If you choose to keep your assessed letter grade, the grade will be included in your GPA calculation.

If I choose the Credit Received (CR) option for a course that I need as a prerequisite, does the course still work as a prerequisite?
YES. You will receive credit for the course and therefore it will be used as a prerequisite regardless of your original grade.

If I choose the Credit Received (CR) option for a course, will it impact my eligibility to graduate?
NO. If you take a Credit Received (CR) on a course you need to graduate, that course will still count toward your graduation requirements. Students require a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in order to graduate.

I’m currently attending another University on a letter of permission, does the option to choose between final course letter grades and Credit Received (CR) apply to me?
This option only applies to Ambrose University courses. Please connect with all other schools you are taking classes with, as each is responding differently to how COVID-19 impacts grades.

If I choose the CR/NC option how will this affect my athletic eligibility at Ambrose?
Credit Received (CR) indicates that you will have attempted and completed the credits for the course. No-Credit indicates that you have attempted the credits and failed. Your GPA is not affected by CR or NC, and therefore students are encouraged to monitor your GPA requirements as you make your decision.

How will this affect my academic standing?
Academic standing (academic probation, academic suspension) is used to determine the eligibility of students to continue or graduate from their programs, or return to a program each semester. There is currently no change to academic standing requirements and therefore students should give careful consideration of the CR/NC option and the GPA implications.

I’m not sure if I should take my letter grade or take Credit Received (CR). What can I do to make an informed decision?
If you are unsure which to choose, we recommend connecting with your academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar. They can discuss the pros and cons of each option and help you come to a decision that has your best interests in mind. The biggest thing for you to consider is if you want your GPA/CGPA to be affected by your letter grade from your Winter 2020 classes. Some of you will benefit from having the letter grade included in calculations of GPA/CGPA, others will not depending on how well you are doing in your individual classes.

Providing this choice allows those who need grades for advanced placements or applications for further studies to still receive a final grade, while not penalizing those whose performance is affected by difficult circumstances.

When I am ready to choose which classes I want to keep my letter grade, and which classes I may want to take a Received Credit (CR) for, what do I do?
First, do not make this decision until AFTER your professor has given you your final letter grade. Once you have your final letter grade, if you wish to take a Credit Received (CR) for any class instead of the assigned letter grade, fill out the form available at the conclusions of your course.

How will Credit Received (CR)/Non-credit (NC) impact my graduate study application?
Ambrose is one of a few institutions in the Province of Alberta that has adopted this grading scheme during this extenuating circumstance. CR indicates that credit has been received and therefore will meet course or degree requirements required, however, it is important for students to clarify admissions requirements from each institution they are applying to. Each institution will determine their GPA admission calculation and requirements.

Students wishing to go on to graduate school or another program may need to apply for an exception for required course grades in certain departments. While the present circumstances makes such exceptions more likely to be granted, they are not currently assured at the discretion of the graduate school. The student assumes all potential academic risk associated with the CR/NC option.

What is the deadline for requesting the Credit Received (CR)/Non-credit (NC) option?
Students Planning to Graduate Spring 2020                                Request a change of grade by April 28
Students NOT Planning to Graduate Spring 2020                       Request a change of grade by May 6
Courses that have alternative timelines (e.g. winter modules)     Request a change of grade to the Office of the Registrar within 7 days of receiving your final grade

I withdrew from one or more of my courses because I didn’t know about the Credit Received (CR) option. Can I be re-added to them so that I can complete the term and receive the credits?
NO. If you have already withdrawn from the class, that withdrawal stands.

If I fail the class, can I choose the Credit Received (CR) option?
NO. A final letter grade of F excludes you from choosing the Credit Received (CR) option, since a letter grade of F means you did not earn any credit for the class.

Are course extensions available for Winter 2020?
YES. A course extension is available through application. Typical course extensions are valid for 30 days from the last day of classes, however, this is at the discretion of your professor and the Office of the Registrar.

I have a course extension, can I choose the CR/NC option?
NO. The CR/NC grade option is in response to students who are currently in distress due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Therefore, if you choose to request a course extension and it is granted, you waive the opportunity to accept the CR/NC grading option. Grading for courses with extensions will follow the institutional grading scheme as outlined in the Academic Calendar.



Spring 2020 Semester

Spring semester will continue with revisions. Courses being offered have moved to an online delivery method with synchronous teaching and therefore current course times and offerings should be noted. Please check your student registration system for all updates.

Are travel study courses continuing?
NO. All travel study courses for Spring 2020 have been postponed. Should your degree requirements include a travel study, please contact your Faculty Advisor to make other arrangements.

What is synchronous teaching?
This is an online teaching method where instructors and students gather at the same time and interact in “real time” with a very short or “near-real time” exchange between instructors and students. Therefore, course times noted are the required times to be online in class.

Why is Ambrose choosing synchronous teaching?
The advantage of synchronous teaching is the immediate personal engagement between students and instructors, which creates a greater sense of community – one of our values. Quick interactions with students and instructors lessens any potential miscommunication or misunderstanding with course content and expectations.

Is the CR/NC grading system in place for Spring 2020?
NO. Spring 2020 will follow the institutional grading scheme as outlined in the Academic Calendar.


If you are currently registered in a Spring modular course and unsure of the details, please consult your student registration system , reach out to the professor or contact the Office of the Registrar at

Graduation 2020

As of March 27th, 2020 from Dr. Pam Nordstrom, Provost, Senior Vice President of Ambrose University:

The current social distancing requirements mean we won’t be able to celebrate with our usual ceremony at the end of the semester. The uncertainty about the pandemic’s trajectory means we are unable to accurately predict when we can gather together to celebrate. 

Ambrose, however, values community and wants to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates. So, we are designing a unique online graduation event for May 15.  We also anticipate mailing a graduation package to you in advance to support your celebrations.  We are huddled (at a distance over the Internet of course!) making plans and will share them with you in the coming days.

When “normal” returns, we hope to offer a face-to-face party as well, likely mid-November, but that date is contingent on the social distancing limitations in place at that time. As academics, we deeply understand the importance of graduation as a symbolic rite of passage for students, so we are committed to marking this milestone with you – albeit it will have a unique character this year.

We hope it will be memorable for so many good reasons.