About Ambrose

Experience a quality of education that you just won't get at a larger university. What you learn today sets the foundation for every step of your life's journey. Start your future at a university where people truly care about seeing you realize your dreams.

Who We Are

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Ambrose University is Christian university in Calgary, Alberta that offers accredited degrees in arts & science, education, business and ministry training. Our Seminary offers graduate-level degrees and programs in ministry, theology and biblical studies. 

These disciplines are united by the quest for knowledge, wisdom, virtue, and service. Our institution is backed by close to 100 years of higher education in Canada and supported with devoted leadership and board of governors. Read about our mission, history or leadership or visit the campus to learn more.

Quick Facts

  • 40-acre campus including Academic Centre, Residence, Library, Gymnasium, and Residence & Education Centre
  • Unique and personal learning environment
  • Over 920 students enrolled
  • 1 in 12 students involved in formal student leadership
  • Committed to the integration of Christian faith with academic disciplines
  • Students and faculty from over 50 denominations
  • Students serving in over 20 countries throughout the world
  • One of the largest private academic libraries in western Canada
  • Competitive varsity athletics: volleyball, basketball, and futsal
  • Government of Alberta award-winning educational travel


Why Ambrose?