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Ambrose University is proud to support artists with exhibitions in The Gallery on the second floor of the main building.


Jen Vandenbroek Exhibiting Artist at The Gallery @ Ambrose
Exhibiting Artwork by Jen Vandenbroek at The Gallery @ Ambrose

A Call to Engage (one take on creativity)

"Living our creativity is a vital response to God’s redeeming presence on earth. As image-bearers of God, we’re innately designed to care, connect and engage actively in this world while living for the eternal.

The landscapes in this exhibit are specific places that have shaped my life and fed my soul. For me, the Alberta landscape has a striking elemental beauty that defies description. I will never tire of exploring the eternal relationships between skies, rocks, trees, and water.

The figurative paintings speak to the experiences of connection, inner strength, and expression. They also celebrate the structure and grace of the human form, which can be a powerful conduit of creativity and engagement with this world."

~ Jen Vandenbroek


Jen Vandenbroek Exhibiting Artist at The Gallery @ Ambrose
The Artist

Jen Vandenbroek was born and raised in Calgary and has lived several years in Michigan, California, and Washington. She studied a BFA at Calvin College (MI) and earned a BA in art history from Seattle Pacific University. Since then Jen has been teaching art, painting and living a full life with her husband, two daughters, and a lively dog.


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