Do Business Like a Canadian

Soul of the Next Economy Forum is held each fall at Ambrose University to host thought-provoking discussions among social entrepreneurs, industry leaders and champions of corporate social responsibility.

Ambrose Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Things got a little hairy on Monday, June 11 as a number of staff brought their furry friends to work for our annual Ambrose Dog Days of Summer.

Ladybird Beetle Discovery at Ambrose

If You Go Down to the Woods Today You’re in for a ‘Bug’ Surprise

Students in Ambrose University’s Principles of Ecology course netted a rare surprise, quite literally, last fall when a tiny, rare ladybird beetle no bigger than the size of two pinheads crawled out of a collection net.

The group had ventured out to the wooded area only five minutes from campus to gather a variety of insects for biodiversity analysis when they found not one, but two, tiny Hyperaspis undulata. While many of this particular native-Alberta species may live in the province, only five or six have been found and confirmed.

Flourishing Congregations

Prestigious National Grant Helps Congregations Flourish

Ambrose University’s Flourishing Congregations Institute (FCI) is leading groundbreaking research into the health of Canada’s congregations.

Ambrose Presidential Scholarship Winner 2017

2017 Presidential Scholarship Winner - Stephen Stewart

We caught up with the 2017 Presidential Scholarship Winner, Stephen Stewart, to see how winning the Presidential Scholarship has impacted his life. We also wanted to find out how his first-year is going at Ambrose University.  

Ambrose Chinese School of Theology Principle

New Chinese School of Theology Principal Sees Great Opportunity to Share the Gospel

After joining the Canadian Chinese School of Theology in September 2017, Dr. Irene Tran shares her vision for the Chinese Theology program at Ambrose.

MOU to Stregthen Enrolment and Training for Christian Ministry

Collaborative Agreement Signed to Strengthen Training for Leadership

On November 10, 2017 Ambrose University joined with two denominations and their colleges to work together to increase enrolment to meet the demand for formally trained leaders in ministry.

Minister of Advanced Education at Ambrose

Minister of Advanced Education Visits Ambrose

On November 26, we were pleased to host the Minister of Advanced Education, Honorable Marlin Schmidt and Chief of Staff, Bill Moore-Kilgannon, for a campus tour and discussion about post-secondary education in Alberta.

Ambrose University Theatre 2017-18 Season Announced

The 2017-18 Season will show three productions including a modern take on an ancient story, a shake-up in a Shaker community and an Ambrose original collective creation. 

Ambrose New Student Orientation

Getting off to a great start at New Student Orientation

124 new undergraduate students took part in New Student Orientation on September 3-5.

Ambrose Preaching Workshop Speaker

New Workshops Go Into the Community -- for Continuing Education and Credit

Ambrose holds workshops within the community for professional interest or university credit.

Derek Cook Director Canadian Poverty Institute

Derek Cook Appointed to Federal Committee on Poverty

Director of the Canadian Poverty Institute appointed as member of Federal Ministerial Advisory Committee to reduce poverty for Canadian families.