Ambrose Concession Now Open

On January 14, 2020, the Ambrose Concession opened for business! Read more about offerings and hours. 

New BA – Psych degree makes its debut

Earning a Psychology degree equips grads to gain insights into and help others. Ambrose University’s new BA – Psychology, which launched formally in fall 2019, takes things a step further, enabling students to gain insights into themselves as well.

Signing the MOU

Ambrose MOU with Bow Valley College

Ambrose University and Bow Valley College are pleased to announce a memorandum of understanding (MOU) which will allow Bow Valley College students to complete their degree at Ambrose.

Mackenzie Schmidt

Ambrose Student Named to CCAA Female Apprentice Coach Program

On September 26, 2019, the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) announced the 2019-20 participants for the annual Female Apprentice Coach Program (FACP). Among the successful participants is Ambrose student Mackenzie Schmidt...

Newly Released Book from Ambrose and University of Lethbridge Faculty

Today, Ambrose University and University of Lethbridge announced the release of The Millennial Mosaic by Ambrose Faculty Drs. Joel Thiessen and Monetta Bailey, as well as Dr. Reginald Bibby of University of Lethbridge. Congratulations to Bailey, Bibby and Thiessen on this exciting release.

person reading book outside

For the Love of Reading: Keeping a Reading Journal

I’ve always loved books. As a child of eight, my mom tells me, I often got up early—sometimes before 6:30 a.m.!—to read. One night, when I complained that I was tired, my mom suggested that perhaps I should sleep a little later in the mornings. I responded, “I can’t! The books are tempting me!” To help her poor daughter resist the lure of the printed page, my mother pulled no fewer than seven story books out of my bed sheets! 

ambrose grads

Reflections and Future Directions for Ambrose Business Grads

Graduating with a university degree is no small task! Students deserve to celebrate a life-milestone, opening the doors to their future. As a program, Ambrose Business takes pride in their graduates and what they will be pursuing post-graduation. A few Ambrose Business grads and senior students shared about their overall experience and involvement at Ambrose, along with their post-graduate plans.


business class

Outside the Classroom

Woman reading a book.

Collections and Connections: Two Passions Equal a Double Major

Third-year English and Business student, Lauren Schmitke, shares about her passion for both English and Business. 

Ambrose students in Costa Rica

Travel Study Discoveries in Costa Rica

Ted Pike (Acting Chair, Biology) shares about the recent travel study in Costa Rica. 

Rev Dr Gordon T Smith and Jeromey Martini

Ambrose Signs MOU with Horizon

On June 4, Ambrose University and Horizon College, located in Saskatoon, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU)

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