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Graduation Information


All students enroled in their final course, semester or year of study and are planning to successfully complete their degree requirements must submit a Graduation Application form to the Office of the Registrar no later than October 15th.

Completion of an Application to Graduate does not guarantee the awarding of a degree / diploma / certificate but rather indicates to the university you expect to complete your program prior to graduation deadlines.

All applications are subject to academic review by the appropriate faculty or school, the Office of the Registrar and approval by the General Faculties Council.

The application form is a means of reviewing your academic record to determine your eligibility to graduate.

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Education Commencement

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Friday, April 29, 2022

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The word 'commencement' means to begin or start. Our ceremonies celebrate not only the completion of a degree, but also the beginning of a new chapter for our graduates.

Academic attire

Canadian universities typically follow the British historical model of academic dress. Graduates wear the traditional 'cap and gown' attire to their graduation ceremony, with a hood of colour and style corresponding to the academic degree earned. Ambrose adopts the North American Intercollegiate Code for Bachelors', Masters' and Doctors' attire. The academic hood is a decorative garment worn over the gown by graduates of English speaking universities around the world. It signifies admission into a community of scholars and recognizes the graduating student's academic success.

The hood colour corresponds with a specific faculty or discipline:

Bachelor of Arts – white
Bachelor of Business Administration – drab (light brown)
Bachelor of Music – pink
Bachelor of Science – gold
Bachelor of Theology – scarlet

Bachelor of Education - blue

Masters (seminary) - scarlet


Baccalaureate degree students will graduate with Honours if their cumulative GPA meets these minimum standards:

3.85 - 4.00     Summa Cum Laude
3.65 - 3.84     Magna Cum Laude
3.40 - 3.64     Cum Laude

Phi Delta Lambda
Phi Delta Lambda is an international honour society consisting of Nazarene university alumni who have exemplified academic excellence, campus leadership, and responsible Christian living throughout their collegiate careers. Based on these standards, the Ambrose faculty elect students graduating in the upper 15% of their class for membership in Phi Delta Lambda.

The name of this honour society Phi Delta Lambda is derived from the following: Phi standing for Philosophia (Love of Wisdom), Delta for Dikaiosune (Righteousness), and Lambda for Latreia (Service).

Delta Epsilon Chi
Delta Epsilon Chi is an international honour society through our School of Ministry accrediting body, the Association of Biblical Higher Education. Faculty will elect a limited number of graduating students (up to 7%) in the School of Ministry with a minimum 3.30 cumulative GPA who exhibit Christian character and leadership ability.

The three Greek words, approved in Christ, (dokimos en Xhristos) found in Romans 16:10, begin with the three Greek letters, Delta Epsilon Chi. As reflected in the name, selection for the Delta Epsilon Chi honour society is intended to encourage and recognize excellence in intellectual achievement, Christian character, and leadership ability.

One member of the Alumni Association of Ambrose may also be inducted into this society annually as an honorary member.


Each graduation class at Ambrose (undergraduate, education and seminary) selects a student who represents the class at commencement. Traditionally, the valedictorian is the highest academic achiever. At Ambrose, the valedictorian is selected with our 'whole person mission' in mind, including the following accomplishments:

Undergraduate & Seminary: The student has demonstrated a commitment and capacity for engaging in the rigors of learning and inquiry.

Bachelor of Education (after degree): The student has demonstrated a commitment and capacity for engaging in the rigors of learning and inquiry. The student has met with exceedingly high distinction the competencies required for interim professional certification during his or her field experiences and has demonstrated maturity in facing the responsibilities and demands in the Ambrose Bachelor of Education program.

Undergraduate & Seminary: The student has selflessly contributed to Ambrose and the greater community.

Bachelor of Education (after degree): The student has selflessly contributed to his or her cohorts, the program, and the greater community. The student has demonstrated by his or her conduct or character true servant leadership as exemplified by these qualities: Spiritual formation, Engagement, Responsiveness, Volunteerism, and Compassion.

The student has consistently demonstrated Christ-like qualities both in and outside the classroom.

Undergraduate & Seminary: The student has been a significant positive influencer while attending Ambrose.

Bachelor of Education (after degree): The student has been a significant positive influencer while at Ambrose and has demonstrated and modeled true professionalism in her or his relationships and by his or her conduct on campus. The student has best demonstrated and modeled the teaching quality standard.