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Commuter Life

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Live off campus • Be a part of the community

When you are a commuter student it is important to have a space and community to call your own on campus. The Commuter Life program at Ambrose fosters community and a sense of belonging among students who live off campus. The Director of Community Life oversees the program with the support of student Commuter Life Leaders (CLLs).

Watkins Commuter Collegium

The Watkins Commuter Collegium is a comfortable and welcoming space that functions as a home away from home for our undergraduate commuter students. It’s a place where you can work or unwind between classes while making connections with your fellow students.

Commuter Life Leaders

The Commuter Life program is led by student leaders who cultivate community and care for the Collegium. They facilitate events and welcome students in the Collegium. Each leader has a specific role and has shift schedule. Enter the Collegium and meet one today!

COVID-19 Updates

No memberships: Students do not need to pay for memberships this academic year. All Commuter Students are welcome to use this space.

Visit the Collegium or contact the Director of Community Life or one of the Commuter Life Leaders for more information.

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