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For media inquiries, please contact our Communications team.

Department of Communications & Marketing

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seminary viewbook
Feel free to look through our various publications to learn more about Ambrose: our programs, our people, our accomplishments, our goals.


Our viewbooks provide a simple overview of Ambrose, our programs, and our campus life.

Undergraduate Viewbook

Seminary Viewbook

Anthem Magazine 

Published twice per year, Anthem tells the story of the accomplishments and contributions of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and supporters of Ambrose University. Check out recent issues, update your subscription preferences, or learn about advertising opportunities.

Chapel Recordings

Twice every week our campus community joins together in worship and hears reflections from great speakers. Feel free to listen to and share the recordings of our chapel talks.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar contains all vital information about Ambrose programs, courses, and academic policies for both undergraduate and Seminary students. The published calendar for each year is considered the official reference for all policy decisions during that academic year.

Report to Donors

This report, published each fall, recounts the progress Ambrose has made in academic and financial matters and in contribution to the community during the past fiscal year (May 1 - April 30). You can view it here or request a copy in print form.

Comprehensive Institutional Plan

This document outlines Ambrose’s goals for future development based on a review of the institution’s strengths, needs, and areas for improvement.

Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan is the result of consultations between members of the Ambrose community and a team of planning consultants. It envisions the long-term development of our campus, Ambrose’s physical home.