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Christian ministry invites you to be attentive to God's call on your life, by opening your heart and mind to leadership and service.

Ambrose Seminary immerses you in a rich and authentic community of learners who join you on the journey of discovering your vocation. Together we seek to know God in order to love God and to bear witness of God's love to our neighbours here in Canada and around the world.

Seminary Mission


Why Seminary?

  • Skilled and inspiring faculty lead you deeper into Christianity, bringing your faith into clearer focus, informing your identity and enhancing your understanding of ministry.
  • Rigourous, respected programs grow your theological knowledge and skills.
  • A diverse student body opens avenues of discussion and broadens your perspective.
  • Flexible learning fits your life - whether it's the convenience of online, weekend and evening courses or a program that ladders from a certificate to a graduate degree so you can build your credentials class by class.




"At Ambrose Seminary, we are students of scripture and theology. We focus on the components of ministry - preaching, mission, discipleship and pastoral care. We are attentive to the history and traditions of the Christian church. And we understand that Christian ministry happens when the love of God and people is at its centre."

~Jo-Anne Badley, Dean of Theology

This is diversity

A rich campus life starts with diversity - of people, professionals, peers and perspectives. This is a place where you are constantly learning from others and they are learning from you. Experience the Christian faith in all its dimensions and inviting you to be part of many churches, congregations, groups and activities that enable you to discover the beauty, truth and goodness of God.

This is how worship shapes your learning

The Seminary's weekly Word and Table chapel service is at the core of your campus life. You worship in a setting where students and professors serve side-by-side. Afterward, the fellowship continues as you share a meal in the Seminary Commons student lounge.

30 denominations from 5 continents represented

This is a campus where learning thrives

Welcoming, new and modern, the Ambrose campus has plenty of spaces for individual and group learning, connecting with professors and friends, and taking part in the many athletic, social and spiritual activities that are part of campus life.

This is true community

Ambrose Seminary is a unique, diverse on-campus learning community made richer because you are surrounded by people who share a desire to expand knowledge and thrive in an environment devoted to ministry. You engage with people who inspire, challenge and support you, and might just find yourself growing in ways you never imagined.

200 student population

Step by step

Steps to a Seminary Degree


As classes add up, so do your credentials. Five classes gives you a certificate, at ten you have a diploma and at 20 you've completed a full degree.

Flexible Classes
  • Regular Daytime
  • Week-long
  • Evening
  • Weekend
  • Online
  • Hybrid Weekend and Online


This is breaking down financial barriers

Ambrose Seminary believes financial obstacles should never stand in the way of your learning or your call to ministry. Scholarships recognize and inspire student achievement, while bursaries support students who have demonstrated financial needs.

Opportunities include:

  • Entrance Scholarships
  • Finish Free Scholarship
  • Church Servant Leadership Scholarship
  • Student Financial Assistance

Check out your scholarship opportunities


Learn what personal and academic qualifications are required to be admitted to Ambrose Seminary.

Admission Requirements

Submit your application form, supporting documents, official transcript(s), and the application fee by the deadline that applies to you.

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Your Ambrose Enrolment Team

We are your main point of contact for admission inquiries, program information and for scheduling campus visits. We are passionate about connecting you with the Ambrose community, and are dedicated to your success as a student.

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

For all enrolment inquiries contact:

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