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Registrar Request Forms

All registration additions and adjustments for Spring 2023, Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 can only be done by emailing the Office of the Registrar at Registrations are processed in the order they are received. Students are currently unable to view registrations.

Thank you for your patience during this busy season as we work to implement a stronger registration system to strengthen our campus and student support.

Alliance History & Thought Registration Form (online)

Alliance History and Thought is a course which surveys the origins of The Christian and Missionary Alliance movement, with emphasis on its historical continuities and changes, and evaluating Alliance "distinctives." Although required for Faculty of Theology programs at Ambrose, those within the denominational licensing process must take this course for credit in order to work within the Alliance denomination.

Archived Syllabi Request Form (online)

Ambrose University keeps record of all syllabi for each class offered, since the syllabus may vary from semester to semester. If you need a copy or copies of archived syllabi, complete and submit this form. Please note that not all syllabi may be accessible, in which case a syllabus for the same course taught in the closest semester will be substituted. All syllabi will be emailed to you in PDF format.

Auditing a Class Registration Request Form (online)

When you audit a class, you are not required to submit assignments or write tests, you are simply there to learn. You will be assigned a grade of AU for audit that will not affect your GPA. Please complete and submit this form if looking to audit a course. Courses may only be audited with the approval of the instructor in consultation with the Registrar.

Change of Program Request Form (online)

Students are permitted to change their program information as long as they meet all requirements necessary. Before submitting this form, you must speak with your academic advisor to make sure you will qualify for the desired changes and so you are informed regarding all implications of making a change. 

Change of Student Information Request Form (online)

It is important that your student record is updated as your contact and personal information changes throughout your time with Ambrose and beyond. This information is used to connect with you and send you all official documentation. Use this form to change your address, contact information, emergency contact, or legal name on file. Please note that a change of name requires legal documentation.

Course Overload Request Form (online)

Please complete and submit this form if you are looking to take more than the maximum amount of credit hours (16.5) in a given semester. We strongly advise again taking more credit hours than the maximum, but will evaluate your situation for eligibility once you submit this form.

Course Substitution Application (PDF)

Complete and submit this form if seeking to substitute a specific course for a degree requirement other than specified for the degree. Course substitutions are approved through a committee and therefore should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the semester start for implementation.

Course(s) Withdrawal Request Form (online) 

To withdraw from a class you need to submit this form. When you withdraw from a class, individual class and tuition fees may be reimbursed if within the timeframe noted in the Academic Calendar. You will be held responsible for paying any outstanding fees in full. The class WILL appear on your official academic record, but with a letter grade of 'W.' You are responsible for making sure you successfully withdraw from the class by the deadline.

Coursework Extension Application (online)

If there are circumstances making it impossible to complete course work by the term deadline, please complete and submit this form for consideration of an extension request. You should have discussed this already with your professor. Note: this form is not required if you are asking for an extension that falls within the term dates; that is something you can coordinate with your professor independently.

Degree Parchment Replacement Request Form (online)

Your degree parchment is considered an official legal document. Complete and submit this form if your parchment given at convocation was damaged, lost, stolen, destroyed, or if you had a legal change of name and you would like a replacement. The parchment replacement fee is $50, and you will be required to send us any remains of your original parchment. 

Directed Study Application (PDF)

A Directed Study is a privilege whereby you may attempt a course which is either not currently offered, or is offered but for which you cannot register due to unavoidable circumstances. Scheduling convenience and work or personal conflicts do not constitute adequate grounds for a Directed Study application.  Directed Studies are approved on a case by case basis.

Foundations for Ministry Course Registration Form (online)

The Foundations In Ministry Certificate is relevant and practical instruction for men and women engaged in ministry across Canada, specifically geared towards Church workers and lay individuals involved in ministry. Those who wish to complete this certificate must take five courses in at least three different areas: Understanding the Bible, The Christian Faith, Personal Formation & Development, Foundation in Ministry, and Mission & Evangelism.

Graduation Application - CLOSED FOR SPRING 2023 GRADUATION

All students enrolled in their final course, semester or year of study and are planning to successfully complete their degree requirements must submit a Graduation Application form to the Office of the Registrar no later than November 15th. Completion of an Application to Graduate does not guarantee the awarding of a degree / diploma / certificate.

Independent Study Application (PDF)

An Independent Study is an individual research project which investigates an area or topic not treated extensively in a regular course. It is to be designed in consultation with the instructor who supervises the Independent Study. This option is limited to third or fourth year degree students whose cumulative GPA in their major field is 3.0 or higher. Due Dates are: May 1st for Fall, December 1st for Winter, and April 1st for Spring.

Individual Course Registration Form (online)

If you have not been formally admitted to Ambrose or you are a visiting student from another institution, please complete and submit this form to register for courses. Undergraduate students may use this method of registration to register for up to 5 courses or 15 credit hours as an unclassified student and Graduate students 3 courses or 9 credit hours as an unclassified student.

Information Release Request Form (online)

Complete and submit this form to request a confirmation of enrolment letter, confirmation of completion of degree requirements letter, or confirmation of graduation letter. Please note that information will not be released if you have any academic or financial hold on your account.

Letter of Permission Application (PDF)

If you are a current student of Ambrose looking to take a course at another institution and apply it for transfer credit into your Ambrose program, you must complete and submit this form for consideration/assessment purposes before undertaking study at another institution. If granted, a letter of permission will give you visiting student status at another institution.

Revised Final Exam Time Application (online)

Current students may request a revised final exam time before the deadline in the Academic Calendar if any of the following apply: (1) The scheduled final exam conflicts with another scheduled exam. (2) Three scheduled exams in three consecutive time blocks. (3) The scheduled exam conflicts with another exam at another institution (official documentation required).

Student Appeal Application (online)

Students have the right to appeal their academic status, final grade or assignment grades. All appeals are evaluated on a case by case basis, as per the restrictions, regulations and deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar. Please refer to all the different appeal processes listed in the Academic Calendar.

Transcript Request Form (online)

An Official Transcript is the official record of your academic history from the time you began at Ambrose to the end of the last semester you attended. This document is only issued from the Office of the Registrar, and it bears the institution’s seal as well as the signature of the Registrar. An Unofficial Transcript has the same information, but will not be accepted as an official copy by most places asking for a transcript.

Waiver of Prerequisite or Co-requisite (online)

If you are missing a prerequisite for a course you would like to register for or you would like to take a prerequisite concurrently with the desired course (co-requisite), you must complete and submit this form. Please be advised that a waiver of prerequisite does not act as a course substitution. Once you have submitted this form, we will pass it on to your advisor and the class instructor for their permission.


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