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Contact Admissions

The Ambrose Enrolment team is here for your admissions inquiries, program information, and arranging campus visits.

We’re here to help find the best possible place for you within the Ambrose community so that you’ll find success as a student. We’re passionate about Ambrose and its vision so we’ll do everything we can to show you what it’s really like.

For general inquiries, contact our office:

Phone: 403-410-2900
Toll Free: 1-800-461-1222


If you have a specific inquiry, you can contact the member of our team whose specialty meets your needs:

Helen Thiessen

Executive Director, Enrolment Management

Tel: 403-410-2902

Kalie Eeles

Assistant Director of Recruitment & Admissions

Tel: 403-410-2000 ext. 2954

Kaylie Blair

Admissions Manager

Tel: 403-410-2901

David Dryden

Admissions Advisor

Tel: 403-410-2000 ext. 2972

Johana Mak

Admissions Advisor

Tel: 403-410-2000 ext. 2971

Tom Mulhern

Enrolment Communications Coordinator

Tel: 403-410-2000 ext. 2958

Megan Silver

Recruitment & Admissions Assistant

Tel: 403-410-2900


Meet the Ambrose Ambassadors

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